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Game Over

Americans do not worry too much about a war with Iran because they assume that we and/or Israel will quickly snuff out any Iranian response. Even Admiral Fallon (today is his last day on the job, btw) said, “Get serious. These guys are ants. When the time comes, you crush them.” (Read about it here.)

Smug people everywhere think that starting another war is not that big a deal, but they are wrong. A few days ago I linked to this George Galloway audio explaining a few important points: 1) Iran has military targets spread all over it’s country, and these would require near simultaneous strikes to disarm; and 2) we should fully expect Iran to respond to an attack, and to respond hard, and to retaliate on sensitive Western interests (he named London, for example).

Consider this scenario:

Phase III is the Israeli air attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities using American supplied bunker buster bombs. The Iranians have said they will respond by firing 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first 60 seconds. The Iranians have Russian made Sunburn and Yakhonts anti-ship missiles. They also have Chinese designed rocket artillery with a range up to 150 kilometers. This phase will be very brief lasting only a matter of hours as Israel will allow America to do most of the fighting and dying.

Phase 4 is the justification of World War III to the American public. We have 17,500 sailors and marines on aircraft carrier task forces in the Persian Gulf. Their ships are well within the 120 and 180 mile range of the Sunburn and Yakhonts. The Iranians also have 1,000 fast rubber boats to capture our sailors and marines. If Bush and Cheney wanted to protect the lives of those sailors and marines, they would put them in the Indian Ocean out of harms way when Israel attacks Iran. Our aircraft carrier task forces are in the Gulf precisely so they can be sacrificed for the greater good of Israel and the Bilderberg Society. The goal of WW III is to exterminate the Muslims so Israel and the Bilderbergers can have all of the Mideast oil.

Meanwhile, Russian intelligence reports on the flurry of US Armed Forces activity on the Iranian border and the buildup of ships in the Persian Gulf. This is not some academic exercise.

And there are the domestic consequences to consider.

The final phase or aftermath of WW III is the destruction of the United States so what remains can be folded into the North American Union. The Iranian response to the Israeli air strike will include the cut off of all oil from the Persian Gulf which should raise the price of oil to $300 or $400 a barrel. That would bankrupt more than 50% of all American families as they would have no means of buying gas to get to work. The destruction of the dollar will make food unaffordable too.

Bush would declare martial law. Here you can read about all the preparations which have already been made.

Note To The Reader: This paper addresses the possibility of a coup d’├ętat by national emergency before the end of Bush’s last year in office, citing recent institutional actions that can be reasonably interpreted as being consistent with and preparatory to such an undertaking. These actions, all occurring since Bush’s reelection, include among others:

  1. Claiming by executive order emergency powers unauthorized by Congress;

  2. Conducting nation-wide mass arrest exercises in 2005, 2006 and 2007;

  3. Obtaining from Congress removal of legal impediments to the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial;

  4. Obtaining from Congress the authority to use federal troops for domestic police duties, by nullifying the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878;

  5. Obtaining from Congress the authority to use national guard units, without the consent of state’s governor, in that or any other state;

  6. Establishing programs to assist in the implementation of martial law using business community, academics, and clergy;

  7. Authorizing by executive order seizing assets of anyone “undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq”; and,

  8. Contracting for the construction of high capacity detention centers throughout the country.

Right now people think they have freedom, but they also say they have no time to really understand what’s happening in the world. Soon we may have lots of time on our hands but no freedom to find out anything.

Stop passively accepting what’s happening in our country. Don’t wait until your own family suffers privation and death to start paying attention. It will be too late then. The time to act is now.

If you think about it, it’s the not speaking up, the submission, the not sharing of our discoveries, the not pointing out that the emperor is naked that allows the psychopaths in power to continue their predatorial ways and for the situation to continue on its downward spiral. As with so many problems in life, the problem here is one of fear-based faulty thinking. People fear that “they” will come for them if they speak out, but the paradox is that by not speaking out and facilitating our continued slide towards “Armageddon”, people vastly increase the chances that a jack booted agent of the Pathocrats will one day kick down their door. Because when “they” seek to imprison us, defame or attack us in one way or another, their first targets of choice are always those who speak out against “them”.