Get the Zantac and the Clicker

Clearly Young Efraim's story will cause a bad case of heartburn for some people. The fact that Efraim & Co. have these Hebrew names naturally leads people to the conclusions that they are Jewish and perhaps even Israeli.

But surely that has nothing do to with anything.

So I don't really watch tv, but someone who doesn't read alternative news heard about AEY so it must be breaking through the media firewall. Major heartburn. Take another Zantac.

I would imagine the pressure in the corporate media to bat this story down must be immense. A sampling of rebuttals picked up in the blogosphere include:
  • Efraim got lucky landing those $300m government contracts. Nothing more to it than that. This family just got a little enthusiastic with their business-dealings.
  • The AEY people didn't donate money to Republicans so therefore none of this is a political scandal that can possible affect Republicans. In fact, uncle once gave $1000 to Edwards so HA! It's the Democrats fault, if anything.
  • People who suggest that this has anything at all, whatsoever, to do with Israel are completely anti-Semitic because the only reason the arms-dealing industry is full of Israelis is because poor Israel was forced to get into this line of work to protect itself from vicious Arabs. Don't you know anything?
  • Actually, it's anti-Semitic to even notice whenever Jews do anything wrong. Don't even go there. Sheesh.
  • Mossad? Never heard of it. What is it, some kind of dessert?
  • Let's watch American Idol.
There. That should cover it.

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