Great Video Analysis of 9/11

This video on 9/11 gives new meaning to the phrase “hung by one’s own petard”. This is just great analysis of the currency of our times: the video and soundtrack of this terrorist attack. It’s also wonderful that the researcher has made the information publicly available, since so many of the 9/11 documentaries now need to be purchased. I thank him.

Six and one half years have passed. Look back at the behavior of our media darlings. What seemed merely honest confusion in the heat of the night now reveals itself to be outright deception in the cold light of day. None of this would have been possible without their help. Think of all the lives they helped sacrifice by telling this big lie. Imagine how terrified they must be that people are putting it all together, piece by sordid piece. Think how strenuously they will deny everything and discredit anyone who challenges the official account.

They are guilty of mass murder, and they don’t ever want anyone to know. They have their own secret club, and they take their money, fame and fortune as the just reward for carrying this heavy burden and doing this dirty job. We little people wouldn’t understand. It was all supposed to work out for the best. I’m sure they thought they were being good patriots, doing it all for the greater good of the country. Sure, sure.

Except it didn’t work out for the best.

Lies have short legs, and the jig is up.

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