How Dare They

The other day I posted a clip of George Galloway manhandling a radio caller who thought attacking Iran is a good idea. If you haven’t listened to it, you’re missing a real treat and a 7-minute education.

Galloway reminds the caller that Iran will respond if attacked. Iran is not some rinky-dink backward little country without resources. It might retaliate against London even, or other European cities. How would we like them apples? We are talking about setting off WW III here, and any people who blithely consider that an attack on Iran will be just another fun little military adventure for our boys needs to remove their heads from their asses.

The groundwork has been laid for things to escalate very quickly. This February 2006 article by Michel Chossudovsky explains how the distinction between conventional and nuclear weapons has been purposefully blurred, as has the chain-of-command decision making process to use the weapons. Essentially, for purposes of military planning nuclear weapons have been declared ’safe for civilians’. You can imagine how redefining the weapons and loosening the traditional restraints against using them will facilitate the rapid escalation of conflict. Mass death will follow. As I wrote a few months back:

And look, they cleverly built in a delegation system whereby other people downstream can make “regrettable decisions”, and our leaders can shake their heads sadly after the “mistakes were made” and assure us that “people will be held accountable”.

Make no mistake. People in the US government and the Israeli government know that many, many people will die if they strike Iran, and they won’t all be Iranians. Israeli officials know that their own population could be decimated. Studies have been commissioned to work these scenarios out. The US government knows that our men and women in the service will die (Dick Cheney thanks them for volunteering). War games have been played to predict the losses. They all know that nuclear fallout will drift around the globe maiming and killing all manner of living things and polluting the earth. Don’t kid yourself. These people are contemplating utter disaster and ruin worldwide.

Now read this:

With U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in Israel this week talking about Iran, the big question was whether President Bush would be willing to use military force in the waning days of his presidency to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The answer from most Israeli intelligence analysts: not likely. … Israel also figures that the chances of the Bush administration ordering a pre-emptive military strike against Iran are virtually zero. The only such scenario the Israelis envision is if the Democratic presidential candidates appear to be far ahead of their Republican rival and Bush senses a “now or never” strike option. Even in these circumstances, the Israelis say, an American strike is highly unlikely. Still, the Israelis are hoping that the hard-line Cheney will push the envelope — a role he reportedly played vis-a-vis the U.S. invasion of Iraq. One official said Cheney is seen as “a significant player” who could influence “serious issues that cannot wait.”

Sick. Go back to the Galloway video. Iran hasn’t started a war in 300 years, and there’s no hard evidence that Iran is doing any of the things that Israel and the neocons accuse it of doing. So does this really rise to the level of starting WW III? Really? Are you sure, because there’s no turning back once the missile leaves the ship or the plane. Millions of people will die, the earth will be even more horrifically polluted than it is now, and we will all be plunged into unimaginable horrors, so are you sure this is what you want?

In a rational world people would rise up with one voice and say, “How dare you! How dare you even think about destroying the world you sick bastards!” And then we would lock up all the psychopaths until they died, and we would live in peace.

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