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about the Winter Soldier testimony in Washington, DC this past weekend, here’s a little roundup.

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Yesterday on the radio I heard Sy Hersh telling a story about how he tracked down one of the soldiers involved in Mi Lai. The kid had lost part of a leg and was back here in the US. Hersh finally found him on the chicken farm where he grew up.

The kids mother, a poor old woman, told Hersh, “I gave them a good boy, and they sent me back a murderer.”

The military trains people to kill other people, and they do a good job with that training. The problems is they have to mortally wound the soldiers first, on the inside, to free them up to kill other human beings. The military has many creative ways of doing this - the secrets of their culture, rah rah. Surviving soldiers get the lucky fortune of dragging around their mortally wounded souls for the rest of their God-forsaken lives.

You know, that’s just not my hope for my children or for anyone else’s. I’m funny that way. That’s why I don’t have one of those stupid magnets on my car.

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