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I confess I have not been following the three-ring primary circus because it's, well, um...a three-ring circus. But as usual, there have been allegations of voting irregularities, which have now become so common as to practically be unremarkable. Sad. Anyway, someone else said or wrote that the Democrats will benefit from this contest (between Clinton and Obama) going on as long as possible since that will cut down the time for trash talk before the general election. That makes sense to me.

And here it is going another round, seemingly against all odds. Hmm. Now it could be completely legitimate, and I haven't studied it closely so I'm not trying to cast aspersions on anyone, that's for sure. Under no circumstances would McCain get my vote, and I don't really have much of a preference for the others because I don't think it much matters. I'm one of those people who thinks it's all controlled from the penthouse suite anyway. The American Experience, at least within the confines of our political system, has been largely pre-programmed.

Here's the problem. Many other issues should rightfully be taking up our attention spans right now. But they don't, and they will continue to fall by the wayside as long as this Epic Battle between Clinton and Obama goes on.

Isn't that convenient? At the precise moment in history when the American people should focus on the unfathomable impending disasters building momentum each day, disasters which Dick Cheney and George Bush and friends disgorged from their reptilian and predatory brains, the people are instead distracted by the shiny, jangling keys of a miraculously fascinating Democratic primary campaign battle which goes on interminably. I mean seriously, since when have Democrats ever been so exciting?

And if, as promised, this Clash of the Titans goes into round four and five and six, eating up the front pages and nightly news cycles for another couple of months, who will be able to stop the advanced progression of the masters' plan then? By that time, so many events will have passed us by, important events that we barely had time to notice or react to because we were busy trying to decide between Clinton and Obama.

It looks intentional to me. Yes, the election is important (I think), but don't spend so much time following it that you neglect to pay attention to all the other things happening. Keep your eye on the ball.

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