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Murder Suicide

Gideon Levy wrote a strong editorial in Haaretz today, and I was encouraged to read it. The IDF's actions in Gaza are obscene. The current leadership of Israel, just like our leaders in the US, will drag its population down into the very pits of hell because they are evil people who have no concern for any lives but their own. Charm notwithstanding. Words notwithstanding. The trappings of power notwithstanding. It's the actions that count, and the actions condemn them. And as long as we the people fail to protest and resist their depraved lust for power, death and destruction, we deserved to be condemned also. We talk about democracy, but we have to live it.

It's very clear that if anything is ever to change, the change must start with the people. The Israelis must stand up to their own government, just as we must. And yes, this can be exceedingly difficult once the horse has left the barn, so to speak; but it still has to happen. Don't we know it. It's our own fault for letting things get so out of hand. And yet, I've never known the Israelis to shy away from a confrontation, so what exactly is the excuse right now? Why is everyone silent? Or are they? Do they have the same propaganda machine we have here, the echo chamber that magnifies a few voices into many, confusing people?

I don't know. But I'm afraid the Israelis have come perilously close to utterly confirming, by their actions and inactions, every horrible suspicion which they accuse others of unjustly harboring against them. Many would say Israel has long crossed that line, and they make a damn good argument. And so, I hope this editorial received a ringing endorsement in Israel. I still hope Israel is not the monster she appears to be, but time swiftly runs out for anyone to be convinced otherwise. And speaking from a country which dangles its legs over the rim of hell, ready to jump, I just have to say it's such a shame. It doesn't have to be this way. The United States and Israel have taken every good thing and insist on throwing it all away. For what?