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Speculation Addicts

Speculation continues to run rampant about l’affair Fallon. On the outside it looks like Bush canned him for insubordination. He just can’t tolerate people who don’t grovel. This has the advantage of ringing true with Bush’s psychological deficits, which everybody knows are real and enormous. Holding aside all the kabuki about why Fallon would be so stupid as to continue poking Bush in the eye, on some level this does boil down to men and their egos. Maybe Fallon enjoyed pissing Bush off, and maybe Bush really enjoyed making him resign.

And really, it just goes on and on and on from there. I have read all kinds of theories in the past couple of days about this. Frankly, it says so much about our current system that nobody seems able to nail it down. Everything important that happens in the world, things that affect millions and billions of people, are essentially kept secret.

They force us to speculate over and over again. We have to make our decisions in the dark and in the confusion, groping our way, while the powers that be feast on a banquet of the choicest information under sparkling chandeliers. And we have grown used to this. We have come to accept this constant secrecy, misinformation and confusion as a normal state of affairs. Matters will always confuse us. Powerful people will always have ulterior motives that we must never know about.

I say no. I do not accept that.

Whether Fallon resigned because he pissed Bush off one too many times, or whether this is merely some staged component in the plans for The New Middle East, or both or neither or something else entirely, I do believe the world deserves to know. I know…I know. It is to laugh.

So as far as what might happen next, this plan here sounds about right to me (via Froomkin):

It’s still not really beyond Bush and Cheney to order a full-scale preemptive attack on Iran. But the more likely scenario is that there will be an asymmetrical U.S. response to a (possibly trumped up) Iranian provocation. And the most likely scenario is that the U.S. will encourage (or certainly not oppose) an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities — which in turn would lead the U.S. to come to Israel’s defense should Iran strike back.

That’s been a favorite Cheney scenario for more than a year. See, for instance, this Steve Clemons blog post from last May, later corroborated by the New York Times. And see my June 4 column, Cheney, By Proxy.

Here you can read a (testy) argument that nothing of the sort will happen because we are in cahoots with Iran. Well, I know we’re all a bunch of idiots in the US, and certainly the plans for The New Middle East and current events in Iraq put Iran in a favored position. But that does not mean that an attack is out of the question. The agenda has been driven by Zionists, and they have managed to get what they want lo these many years. In the same way that people in the US agreed to ’sacrifice’ Americans for larger goals, powerful people in Iran might agree to the same thing given the right incentives. You have to break a few eggs and all that.

The real problem with these megalomaniacal bastards is that they think they have everything under control. They think they’re God. Maybe they believe they can let Israel do some targeted strike and then we will jump in and execute another 30 day war. They always think they have it all figured out, but they never really do. They set wheels in motion and promptly lose control. Lots of people die, but they don’t care because they don’t have to die in these wars and plagues, famines and upheavals.

But they will die someday. Every single one of them. And I think they will all rot in hell for eternity.