Statistics 101

If America Knew has a very useful post up today telling the story of the Occupation in simple bar charts.

Here are the facts in words, click through the link above to see the graphs.

  • Children killed since 9/29/00: 119 Israeli, 982 Palestinian
  • Adults killed since 9/29/00: 1,031 Israeli, 4,548 Palestinian
  • People injured since 9/29/00: 6,845 Israeli, 31,815 Palestinian
  • US Aid FY 2007: $6.8 million per day to Israel, $0.3 million per day to the Palestinians
  • UN Resolutions: 65 targeting Israel, 0 targeting the Palestinians
  • Political Prisoners and Detainees: 1 Israeli currently held by the Palestinians, 10,756 Palestinians currently held by Israel
  • Demolition of Homes since 1967: 0 Israeli homes demolished by the Palestinians, 18,147 Palestinian homes demolished by Israel
  • Unemployment Rates: 9% in Israel, 40% among the Palestinians
  • Illegal Settlements: 223 Jewish-only settlements and outposts on confiscated Palestinian land, 0 Palestinian settlements on Israeli land

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again and again and again: there is no comparison. The Israelis aggres and the Palestinians defend themselves. Any other interpretation fails to fit the facts.

It’s really very simple. The only reason it became so supposedly intractable and complex and unsolvable is because the Israelis refuse to be reasonable, and other nations feebly enable them to get away with their selfish behavior. And then a bunch of people throw their hands up and say, Woe! Woe! What are we to do? It’s too hard! And while all this ridiculous kabuki goes on, the Palestinians continue to suffer and die.

It is so profoundly shameful that the world has allowed this unwilling, unjust and bloody sacrifice. Do people love Israel more than Justice? If so, I think they make a grievous error.

For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; upright men will see his face. Psalm 11:7

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