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Support Winter Soldiers, and be one too

The Winter Soldier hearings will be taking place over the next few days (March 13-16 in DC). You can watch a powerful video (18 minutes) over at International Clearing House in which you can begin to see the anguish that our soldiers both cause and suffer. I hope these hearings will be a watershed event for Americans. I hope people will finally wake up from their stupor and see what we have wrought with our complacency, ethnocentrism, selfishness, ignorance and greed. Not only have we destroyed Iraq and killed God knows how many people, but also we have destroyed our own people, the very soldiers who some of us constantly boast about loving so very, very much. So much that they must be destroyed and sacrificed to the war gods.

The soldiers in the video speak about the process they go through as they somehow manage to undo their military mind-fuck brainwash programming. They see that they have no real mission. They see that we continue to destroy Iraq. They see that we continue to break promises to the Iraqi people. They see their friends suffer and die. They see Iraqis suffer and die. They see that it’s all a big lie for a few people to make big profits.

They also see us here at home with the stupid fucking magnets. God I hate those mindless things. They see Americans eager to send the soldiers off to do horrible things to other human beings. They see Americans wallow in ignorance, swallowing one enormous lie after another. They see that ’supporting the troops’ means sending them off to ruin lives and be ruined in the process. To be dehumanized.

If you want to support the troops, start reading some alternative news. Start figuring out what’s really going on. Start waking up and opening your eyes to the truth.

Stop blindly supporting politicians who do nothing but fear-monger and beat the drums for more war! It’s just more lies designed to further destroy the American people and whatever poor country happens to be in the cross hairs next.

We must do our job as citizens. And if the corporate media makes it hard for you by continuously telling you lies, which they do, then people need to make a little effort and do a workaround. Isn’t that the least that the troops can expect from their fellow Americans, that we make a small effort to find out what’s really going on? You can do it from the comfort of your own home, sitting in front of the computer.

Trust me, it’s not that hard. The worst part is living with yourself after you find out the truth, which is fitting, as that’s exactly what our soldiers experience on a much more intense level.