Very recently the Department of Homeland Security banned the sale of infrared cameras. Only law enforcement type personnel can buy them, in person not mail order, after approval from the manufacturer and after completing an end-user agreement. Allright?!? Do you think the infrared cameras might reveal something that we aren’t supposed to see?

So a few of us were wondering what it could be, but we don’t know.

Meanwhile, some smart Germans figured out a way to throw a monkey wrench in surveillance cameras, and this is pretty funny. It involves the use of infrared LEDs mounted on a headband. It creates a white blob instead of a face on surveillance tapes. Check it out. More info here and also here. Don’t miss all the good comment threads. And here’s some German translation from comments on the last link:

For those who don’t speak German, “Ueberwachenden” is literally “hyper-attentive”, the German idiom for a smothering micro-managing personality.


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