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Will the real Admiral Fallon please stand up?

Chris Floyd has a thorough analysis of what we know about Admiral Fallon. Of course, there's so much we don't know.

I personally like to think that there are a few people left in the hallowed halls of power who will resist starting WW III. Perhaps it's naive of me, but I will persist in thinking that until WW III starts in earnest.

Some of the comments to Chris Floyd's post resonate with me, namely that Fallon is working within the confines of a totally dysfunctional power structure. Therefore, every statement, every move, every rumor must be seen through a prism. It's like a kaleidescope from hell. You have to keep turning it and turning it, and just as soon as you think you can identify the true motives of people involved, the world turns and another pattern emerges.

Let's just leave it at this: some people have made their intentions plain, and other's haven't. In time we shall know where everyone stands.