The Courage to Look

I’m putting this link here, and it has many very difficult images to see and words to read. But I hope some of you will look. Because if we think it’s horrible merely to see photos and read about the suffering of people in the Middle East, imagine their lives. Imagine having to live with this day after day. Imagine having your bury your children or see them horribly disfigured for the rest of their lives.

The fact Americans need to grasp is this: our tax dollars make this suffering possible. Your money, that you work your ass off for, brings suffering and death to the Palestinians and the Lebanese. And it brings the same to Iraqis, and Afghanis, and Americans, too. We literally fund hell on earth. And our congresspeople know this, but they have not the courage to stop it. They will never find the courage to stop it until you, Citizen, find the courage to look at the pictures and demand that it be stopped. Because as soon as people in power go against the war machine, they get politically assassinated. So they don’t do it.

Innocent people with more courage than we can imagine depend on us simply having the courage to learn the truth. They know that as long as Americans believe the pack of lies constantly fed by the corporate media, innocent people will be trapped in hell on earth. So please do your part and let your heart be broken. When enough people in America wake up, the tide will turn.

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