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Leave it to Beaver

I'm afraid that soon we will look back on the early spring of 2008 and say, "Of course, we should have done something. Of course, we should have recognized the signs. They were all there, but we didn't act. Who could have imagined WW III starting?"

Bush has been president for over seven years, and in all that time he never went to Israel until this January. Since then Condi and Dick have also both been there, and presumably they'll all be back to attend the big anniversary parties for Israel in May, assuming of course that the entire Middle East isn't a radioactive wasteland by May.

The US Naval fleet has amassed in the Persian Gulf, the biggest buildup of ships since the start of the Iraq war. Admiral Fallon has resigned. Russian intelligence reports a flurry of US military activity along the Iranian borders.

Now onto this week...Israel prepares for missile strikes launched by Syria or Iran.
During the five-day preparation operation, Israel will reportedly simulate conventional and non-conventional missile strikes to test emergency response against Iran and Syria as well as the evacuation of cities.

The operation is slated to begin on April 6, according to the

Although the operation seems to be an innocent attempt to improve defense capabilities, pundits are beginning to question whether the exercise may be aimed at laying the foundation for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

...Another development that has worried analysts is that Saudi Arabia reportedly started taking measures to prepare for nuclear fallout a day after US Vice President Dick Cheney met with Saudi officials during his Mideast tour.

As the details of Cheney's recent discussions with his Arab allies remain unclear, question have been raised regarding the timing of such drastic measures.

According to popular government-guided Saudi newspaper Okaz, Saudi Arabia will start the implementation of 'national plans to deal with any sudden nuclear and radioactive hazards that may affect the Kingdom following expert warnings of possible attacks on Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactors'.
Gee, Wally, what do you suppose all this means? I sure hope those pundits and analysts don't jump to any conclusions because someone could have their feelings hurt. That Ehud Barak is such a nice man. Plus, I didn't hear anything about it on World News Tonight.
"We have many lessons to learn from the Second Lebanon War, which we will hopefully implement in IDF training," he said.

...Barak also claimed that "Hezbollah is getting stronger, but so is Israel", adding that "I would suggest that no one of the other side of the border mess with Israel, for their own good".

He alleged that "Hezbollah, lurking on the other side of the border, is wary of firing at Israel at the moment, but continues to plot various schemes throughout the entire northern front".
Of course, they don't touch this stuff with a nine foot pole with a ten foot handle in the corporate media, so you see, just bringing up that some people gingerly question the motives and the timing of these events is an act of insubordination. Much, much more than that will be required to save us from these crackpots.

But while we sit at the kitchen table having milk and cookies and politely debating what's going on, the crackpots poured gasoline around the foundation of the house. They boarded up the doors and windows and trapped us inside. We must have had the tv on so loud that we couldn't hear them.

So now where does that leave us? We can hope for somebody to save us, but who can do that? Somebody please tell me, who the hell can stop them from lighting up the whole joint?