The Power of One Person

Just when you think nothing you do could possibly matter anymore, some one person reaches out and reminds you not to give up.
"While leaving Iraq before the war, our convoy broke down on the desert highway. We got out and Marla suddenly darted across the camera lens, while a voice in the background says "bye bye." Moments later Marla was just a dot running into the desert, the last shot I have of her. Marla dodged the camera. Yet, in this glimpse she reveals herself, utterly and completely - her passion, her intelligence, her tenderness, and her bold love. The facts of Marla's life have spread across the media, but the mystery of who Marla was seems more accurately conveyed by something more than fact or word. By chance, or fate the song "Lost Unto this World," by Emmylou Harris, sing the details of Marla's story - "I was murdered by the highway, and my cries went out in vain." It also asks us, "O you among the living, will you remember me at all?" Marla Ruzicka gave her life to a question "How many Iraqi's died? Her story should capture the imagination of this country and penetrate the halls of power with a simple question, "How many?" Marla should be remembered with an answer. The piece closes with the sun through the clouds of the Iraqi/Jordanian border, credited "to Marla." For in Marla's lifetime, I did not give her the credit she was due. Please visit Marla's Website: CivicWorldwide.org"
Go here and watch the video. This was an American woman who cared.

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