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A Simple Choice

A brief summary of the latest installment by the amazing analyst, William H. White:

Behind Door #1 we have: [at a maximum]

the dangers Iran presents to the US and Israel from its “support of terrorism” and “nuclear weapons ‘programs and knowledge’”

Note: No evidence exists to support the claim that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Also, Iran has not started a war in centuries.

Behind Door #2 we have: [at a minimum]

[immediate] damage to the US and global economies, as well as a de facto world trade embargo against US goods…as well as the most serious political and economic destabilization of the United States since the Civil War [ie: martial law/national emergency]

Note: Other dangers include nuclear warfare and fallout, losing US warships full of US military personnel, touching off a broader war in the Middle East, etc.

Please go read the whole thing. Not that there’s much we can do about it, but people should really have an idea about the devastating consequences of an attack on Iran before it happens.