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The Premeditated Murder of the United States of America

The two major conclusions: it all comes back to 9/11 and voting solves nothing. I have come to these conclusions myself over the years, in the last year especially regarding voting. That’s been a tough thing to accept.

Here’s the thing…a big hurt is coming. People know it, but they don’t want to know it. They don’t want to believe it, as if believing it will somehow, in a superstitious way, make it manifest. So we live in the land of The Secret, that ridiculous belief that we can control the universe simply by thinking happy thoughts.

As you hopefully realize by now, thinking happy thoughts will not stop Bush from starting another war. It will not prevent the economy from plunging off the cliff. It will not save us from martial law. It will not bring back the dead.

So we have a choice. We can keep thinking happy thoughts and wait for the big hurts that lie in store. OR, we can grab the big hurt with two hands, accept the truth about our country, and start reeling the line back in. Yes, this sucks. It’s going to suck either way. One way sucks more than the other, so just do it already. Suck it up.

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