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They need help destroying the Constitution

You really have to have a certain kind of mindset, call it the Good German American, not to recoil in horror at our government encouraging neighbors to spy on each other and giving them instruction sets to make it easier:

The Neighborhood Network Watch announced today the start of a new community program, the Home Network Awareness Program (HNAP). HNAP is aimed at providing an easy way for people to get involved and to contribute to the efforts of the Neighborhood Network Watch as well as providing the group with valuable information on the states of networks that reside in the homes of our nation.

Participants in HNAP would collect sample network traffic from their own home networks as well as samples from networks within the vicinity. The Neighborhood Network Watch will be making a set of freely available instructions on how to capture network traffic, using the open source packet sniffer TCPDUMP, and how to log onto nearby wireless networks that maybe being operated by neighbors.

These samples of network traffic would then be sent to the Neighborhood Network Watch for analysis using the latest revision of the NNWKAA. The participants would then be sent back a rating for each network along with a rating for the area as a whole.

This allows the participants to not only find out how their own home network is being used but also valuable information about those around their home that may have large amounts of terrorist related traffic flowing over them. This also provides the Neighborhood Network Watch with the ability to see if there is potential terrorist cell activity in or around the participants homes.

The Neighborhood Network Watch will also be releasing a new public service announcement highlighting the goals of HNAP and a how to section on how to search for networks as well as how to capture network traffic.

You have got to be kidding me.

Danger Will Robinson!!! Your neighbors may have ‘large amounts of terrorist related traffic’ flowing over their networks!!! Here…quickly!! Take this instruction set and collect some samples!! Use your hazmat suit for God’s sake!! Send us the samples right away because we have very important analysis to conduct on your neighbors!! Phew, that was close. Thank you for helping protect the homeland. You’re a True Patriot. Keep up the good work.

Shaking head.


malcontent said…
Just remember who you are dealing with here... Installing software always carries the risk that it does more than advertised. It advertises its ability to monitor your neighbors on your command. Will it also monitor you when DHS commands? Will it co-opt your resources when martial law is enacted?

Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.

-Sun Tzu