Things I notice that may or may not mean anything

#1. We’re supposed to believe that the US military and intelligence establishment is just now figuring out the important of blogs and psyops. Right. Sure.

#2. We’re supposed to believe that the military has to limit soldiers’ use of YouTube and MySpace accounts because they use too much bandwidth. Okaay.

#3. We’re supposed to believe that Islamofascist terrorists are practically everywhere, raising money through t-shirt sales as they blog about killing us. In broad daylight, I tell you. Check.

#4. We’re supposed to believe that this guy is talking about….well, who the hell is he talking about anyway?

That shift in attitude can’t come quick enough, one influential counterinsurgency officer tells DANGER ROOM.

“We still don’t see or accept information as an element of power,” he writes. “For the enemy, it is THE driving element.”

Why? Because for modern, highly developed democracies the beliefs and opinions of their well-informed populations is their center of gravity. If you cannot simply overpower your opponent physically, then it is the will of the opponent that has to become the target. 100% available modern media is the avenue of approach that your “information bombs and missiles” travel along. [L]iving rooms of registered voters are the impact areas…

This newly emerged information element of power has the potential to do to highly developed modern democracies what conventional and nuclear weapons could not: compel them to quit. Which is exactly what is happening now.

OK, so let me get this straight. Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that he is referring to the US as a ‘highly developed democracy’. Who are the most well-informed people in said ‘democracy’? Well, that would be your alternative new crowd, which is an internet phenomenon. Therefore, our beliefs and opinions are this democracy’s ‘center of gravity’. (Don’t we wish.) Therefore we are the opponent of the terrorists, who must overpower us.

He says that if you can’t overpower the opponent physically, then you must overpower the opponent’s will, using ‘information bombs and missiles’ into the opponent’s living room (registered voters, ie: people who are politically engaged). This will compel them to quit, which is exactly what is happening now, he says.

Now I ask you, who depresses the alternative news community? What breaks our will?

We are the opponent because we seek the truth. That is the whole point and goal of reading alternative news, to find out the truth. But who are the terrorists? Islamofascists? Uhh, no. Our government, which spreads lies and propaganda and which spies on us. Our government, which taints the alternative news community with suspicion, limited hang outs, misdirection, trolls, psyops chain letters, intimidation, etc.

But, Citizen, don’t you know? Our government is just getting the hang of blogs and information psyops. They’re babes in the woods compared to these Islamofascist terrorists.

Very funny. I die laughing.

Oh, and by the way, note the recurring motifs here:

I guess great minds think alike.

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