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Zionist Clutches

I’ve seen some very interesting things regarding AIPAC’s waning power this week. First was this post by David Seaton in which he explains how very unlikely the Chinese are to set up a CHIPAC.

The only possible interest that the Chinese have in the Middle East is regional stability and a steady flow of oil without political risk. The only thing the Chinese want from the Israelis, military electronics, the US won’t let them buy. What do they care about Israel? China is the ultimate obstacle to neocolonial “values-based, gunboat diplomacy”; the giant defender of the Treaty of Westphalia. A treaty that ended a war without end.

…Israel, a tiny country without raw materials for China’s industry, with its eternal distortion of the Middle East and its interference in internal American politics, is nothing more than a pain in the ass to the Chinese. The Chinese aren’t antisemites, one round eyed “foreign devil” is probably much the same as another to the inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Center. China certainly cannot be shamed by our demons either.

This makes sense to me, and I had never thought about it. So there’s that.

Meanwhile, Walt and Mearsheimer’s book The Israel Lobby has had a tremendous effect, like the little Dutch boy pulling his finger out of the dam. The author of another book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, has a piece up over at Information Clearing House in which he teases apart the difference between American and Israeli Jews, Zionism, AIPAC, Likud and what it all means to support Israel.

The problem for Zionism (as I’m sure Mearsheimer and Walt know) is that its positions are indefensible when they are challenged by those who are armed with the documented facts and truth of history. And that’s why the Zionist lobby is beginning to lose its grip.

My very dear friend Ilan Pappe told me that Zionism was more worried by my book than any other because of its title, which, he agreed, represents a great and profound truth in seven words. The more the citizens of the mainly Gentile Judeo-Christian or Western world become aware that Judaism and Zionism are opposites, the less Zionism’s propaganda maestros will be able to suppress informed and honest debate with the charge, almost always false and malicious, that criticism of Israel is a manifestation of anti-Semitism.

That’s all well and good, and I say hurry it along. Unfortunately, we have current events to contend with in the meantime. To talk about the next administration seems to put the cart before the horse. I fear that the Bush Administration, the neocons and Zionists know all too well that their days in power are numbered. The pressure for them to act grows daily, and we can absolutely count on them to do whatever it takes to remain in power before we ever get to the next administration. Because they know better than anybody what they’ve done, and they know that when these things come to light for all to see, they had better be in a position to protect themselves.

So I doubt we’ll get from point A to point B in one piece. I hope we do, but I’m just saying, don’t count on it.