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The American Failure of Imagination

The following blog post from Opening Inner Space is reprinted in full. To my mind, this seems about right. Just last night I was talking with some enlightened people who mainly focused on the election and what might happen after that. Instead of banging my head against the wall, I suggest we focus on what’s happening right now, or it will not matter one whit who gets elected in November. The scariest thing happening right now remains our continued, stubborn failure of imagination about the consequences of striking Iran. People need to break free of the thought parameters constantly reinforced through corporate media.

Believe it or not, there are way more important things to focus on than the election. Attacking Iran is not like invading Grenada, though you’d never know as long as you rely on the corporate media for news. These media shills will be our deaths and the deaths of millions. They already are.

The truth about what could happen in the Middle East must be made known to our fellow citizens immediately.

War doesn’t bring peace. People don’t just lay down and die because the US or Israel tell them to. They fight back. I often wonder just who, exactly, we think we are that basic human nature confounds us daily. Do we think we’re somehow above other people? The inability to predict how people will respond to being attacked (in Iraq, Palestine, Iran, etc.) belies the truth that we are racists and find ‘others’ mysterious. Thus the continual shock and surprise when Iraqis and Palestinians fight for their own survival, though this is a perfectly normal and predictable reaction that any human being would take and should readily be able to understand. You would do the exact same thing.

Having said that, there are ‘others’ among us, but they’re not who you think. 94% of people in the world are normal people who want to live normal, peaceful lives. The remaining 6% are clinical psychopaths. Being free from conscience, many psychopaths have attained positions of power in the world. They are highly successful precisely because they can do things that normal people can’t do and still sleep fine at night. That’s one out of every 30 people. You know some, and you probably think of them as the assholes in your life because that’s what they are. For more information, start here. Understanding the presence and role of psychopaths in the general population helps everything make sense, and it frees up the imagination to accept the reality that people in and unfortunately leading our government will willingly sacrifice not only innocent foreign lives, but also our own American civilian and military lives in pursuit of their hidden agendas. Again, they already have on 9/11 and in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Set your naivety aside, my fellow citizens. The wolves are here among us, and they have a plan that will rock your world.

Newsmax: USA To Declare Nuclear War On 1.3 Billion Muslims This Summer has an influential Jewish American source who said the decision has already been made to use nuclear weapons against Iran this summer but that is only on Day 1. I took the liberty to point out in my headline what Day 31 will look like as it is the purpose of this essay to show the world the consequences of dropping nuclear weapons on tens of thousands of Muslim civilians in Iran.

Newsmax has recently published two stories citing an “inside source” saying that a nuclear attack against Iran is to take place this summer. In the first of these two stories they claimed to have an influential Jewish source who told them that Cheney’s recent 9 day trip to the Mideast, which included stops in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman and Turkey, was made to organize the coming war against Iran. At the time Dick Cheney went to Israel, the Israelis were completing the largest homefront military exercises in its history. The Israelis have also recently unveiled their new million dollar TV control center which is to be used to propagandize the viewers both inside and outside of Israel after the rockets start flying in retaliation for the forthcoming invasion of Lebanon. The Israeli army has been training to re-fight their last war which against Hezbollah. I believe Israel will invade Lebanon again as a first step to World War III. Israel wants to deplete Hezbollah of its rockets and push them back from Israel’s borders before they attack Syria.

Newsmax also said that Saudi Arabia started preparations to protect their oil kingdom from the radioactive fallout expected to be unleashed by the nuclear attack against Iran. The Iranian nuclear facilities are deep under ground so they cannot be the source of the planned for radiation. [More info here. - Ed.] I believe Saudi Arabia was told by vice-President Cheney during his trip in March to make preparations for nuclear war as their preparations began after his recent visit. The radioactive source will be nuclear bunker buster bombs which George W. Bush has re-classified as conventional weapons. But no amount of obfuscating rhetoric can turn a nuclear weapon into a conventional one.

The Bush-Cheney administration has made other moves that pave the way to war this summer. General David Petraeus will replace Admiral William Fallon as head of CENTCOM, the U.S. Central Command, which means that, if there is war this summer, General Petraeus will be the commander in charge of executing the policy. Admiral Fallon had said he was opposed to war with Iran. Unfortunately, the Senate Democrats, including Barrack Obama, have decided to support the nomination of the man who could be the commander responsible for launching WW III.

George W. Bush lacks the political capital to do what Dick Cheney’s visit was promising in March which is to launch a nuclear first strike against Iran’s atomic facilities that are buried deep under ground and have tens of thousands of civilians living on the surface above. That is why I have been saying since last year that Israel will launch the first strike against Iran and that she will retire from the field of battle very quickly after starting World War III. Israel will allow the United States to fight 1.3 billion Muslims in general and the nation states of Iran, Syria. Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in particular though Israel will help us fight Syria which does border them.

The Iranians have Russian made anti-ship missiles The SS-N-22 Sunburn and the SS-N-26X Yakhonts which were designed to sink aircraft carriers. They have Mach 4 speed and have ranges of 120 and 180 miles respectively. They are deadly accurate which is a necessity if you are planning to sink a modern aircraft carrier with a lot of separate compartments that can be sealed off. The Iranians also have Russian made rocket torpedoes that travel several hundred miles per hour underwater. And they have rocket artillery with ranges up to 150 kilometers. The Iranians have said that they will fire 11,000 rockets and artillery shells at Americans and Israelis in the first 60 seconds of an attack by either Israel or the United States.

Soviet military doctrine dictated that you have a few very advanced weapons and a lot of deadly but cheap older ones to throw into the mix. The Iranians also have hundreds of NATO and Chinese made anti-ship missiles to use on the two American carrier task forces which have 17,500 sailors and marines on board. I have been warning the world since 2007 that those American men and women are in harms way in the Persian Gulf and not in the safety of the Indian Ocean precisely so they can be sacrificed in a 21st century Pearl Harbor. Think about it. If Bush, Cheney and the Israelis cared about the lives of those men and women, they would not place them in range of Iran’s Russian made missiles. When the Bush-Cheney administration came into office in 2001, they tasked the Navy to develop a plan to protect our aircraft carriers from Russian made missiles. No such plan has been forthcoming and Dick Cheney knows that even if President Bush does not.

My regular readers are well aware that I believe since Bush lacks the clout to attack Iran which is protected by Russia’s Caspian Sea declaration and is seeking additional protection from China by asking to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This means that only Israel can launch the first strike against Iran as Russia is currently obligated to come to the aid of Iran if it is attacked and China could soon be required to do the same. Israel is above international law and Russia has at least 12,000,000 Jews. And 8 of the 9 men that the Russian economy was given to after the fall of the Soviet Union were Jewish. Russia cannot attack Israel. That is why I have been saying since last year that Israel will attack Iran with American supplied nuclear bunker buster bombs. Iran will respond by sinking the ships holding 17,500 sailors and marines. They also have 1,000 fast rubber boats and lots of suicide volunteers to capture as many survivors as they can.

The United States Central Command homepage list 27 nations which currently allow America to station troops. 25 of 27 of these nations are Muslim. When we and the Israelis start bombing Muslim civilians with nuclear weapons, I would expect rogue army officers in many of those 25 states to fire artillery shells at American air bases. After one minute, no planes will be able to either land or take off. Then the artillery batteries can concentrate their fire on fuel depots. ammunition dumps and finally upon defenseless American troops until they either surrender or die. We could lose our entire Central Command in a matter of weeks.

In Iraq the pro-Iranian militia, military and police could join the resistance and attack the American supply lines. The Iranians have lots of oil money and could have already bought thousands of shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles to take out our 550 helicopters in Iraq. Their primary objective would be to cut off supplies coming in on the two roads from Kuwait to Baghdad. The Iranians would have already cut off all oil going out of the Persian Gulf and all military supplies coming in. The Iranians have already recruited and trained 40,000 suicide volunteers many of whom would be used against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Israeli jets will need to be refueled by jet tankers to make the round trip from Israel to Iran. If America were not controlled by Zionists, our military would tell the Israelis that they would shoot down the refueling tanker jets making the Israeli air strike a one way suicide mission. Saudi Arabia could scramble its jets to shoot down the refueling planes, but that is not even remotely possible. The Saudi government might be the protector of Mecca but to date has been unwilling to defend Muslims. However, Pentagon planners must be made aware that the rank and file Saudi military cannot be relied upon to do nothing while unarmed Muslim civilians are killed by American nuclear weapons given to Israel. Just a few Saudi pilots and a radar crew could cancel the return flight from Iran to Israel. The Israeli jets would have to land in Iraq to refuel which would make life extremely difficult for the American occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If America is willing to allow Israeli jets loaded with American supplied nuclear weapons to bomb Iranian civilians by transiting U.S. controlled Iraqi air space, then the army officers and the spiritual leaders of the 25 Muslim nations that host U.S. Central Command troops will conclude that America is no longer their ally so they must act to protect innocent Muslim civilians from American and Israeli nuclear weapons. If the American opinion leaders and the military brass in the Pentagon learned what their 25 Muslim allied nations would do after they see the evidence America has turned against them, then the Pentagon just might be forced to say no to allowing Israeli jets safe passage through Iraqi skies to Iran.

The military and religious leaders of our 25 Muslim allies are likely already contemplating doing considerably more than shelling American air bases, fuel depots, and ammunition dumps. They will certainly take hostages, civilian and military and sponsor terrorist attacks on Americans worldwide including inside the U.S. The American Military and public must be made to understand that its troops in the Central Command will be sacrificed for nothing. They will not die protecting their homes and families. They will die to fulfill the imagined needs of Israel or rather its insane leaders. A clear majority of both Israelis and American Jews are opposed to war with Iran but the Zionist leadership routinely disregards the wishes of its people and does [sic] care what happens to Americans.

If the Israelis want to feel safe, they ought to make Muslims feel safe. Israel is the only nation in the world where it is perfectly legal for soldiers to shoot unarmed 12 year-old school girls for fun and for howling mobs of adults armed with automatic weapons to beat five and six year-old children as they walk to school.

By Day 20 of World War III the United States could be reduced to dropping nuclear weapons on Muslim civilians from planes stationed either at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean or on American aircraft carriers sent to replace the two we will certainly lose in the Persian Gulf on Day 1. Pakistan has hydrogen bombs. I would expect a coup or revolution in Pakistan by Day 7. It is entirely possible that one H-bomb could take out our base at Diego Garcia between Day 7 and Day 31.

The price of oil is currently pushing against the $120 a barrel barrier. Even without a war I have calculated that within months the American trade deficit will exceed one trillion dollars a year. America is buying 12,000,000 barrels a day on credit. The U.S. is also fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on credit. If Iran is forced to defend itself, it will cut off all oil coming out of the Persian Gulf. If Persian Gulf Oil is withdrawn from the world market, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea could afford to pay cash in advance for a year’s supply of oil at $400 a barrel. If America were forced to buy its 4.4 billion barrels of imported oil on credit, the dollar would crash. American society would be destabilized to say the least. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve theoretically has a daily withdrawal of 4.4 million barrels which means we would have to pay $400 a barrel for the remaining 7,600,000 barrels a day the U.S. must import Unemployment could at least double or even triple. Nearly half of those Americans who do have jobs would not be able to afford to buy gas to get to work and food to eat so they would have the strength to work. Inflation would wipe out the meager incomes of the 43,000,000 Americans on Social Security.

You might question why would America risk destroying itself and the world we knew to drop nuclear weapons on Iran ? The only real answer was given in a public forum by Ann Lewis, a Democratic political operative and sister of Congressman Barney Frank. She said, “The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.” She is herself Jewish and her remarks were quoted by a Jewish columnist in a Jewish owned newspaper. She was applauded by her Jewish audience but her statement of the obvious regarding the relationship between America and Israel not been made known to the general public. I wonder why?

My purpose in writing this essay is to stop World War III before it starts. I believe we will be under martial law before we get to Day 10 of WW III. That means that attending anti-war demonstrations could get you a one way ticket to one of those concentration camps the Senate and House of Representatives have been funding with American tax dollars or more truthfully by borrowing from foreigners who should never expect to be paid back.

There are Central Bankers, foreign corporations and wealthy individuals who would be willing to dump dollars in order to cut the funding of endless Zionist inspired wars. They know of these wars are fought on credit. They feel it is long past time for the world to tell American militarists that the joy of killing unarmed civilians, polluting foreign lands with Depleted Uranium and giving the unborn children of both their allies and their enemies birth defects is over. They firmly believe America should no longer be allowed to commit war crimes on credit.

These men and women are a minority but if enough act at a time when America is about to destroy itself and the world with still another suicidal war, they can cause a stampede in the markets as all investors know the dollar will soon crash. They just don’t know the specific day. If the majority of rational investors saw an imminent war America cannot win and a lot of people stampeding for the exits, these more logically inspired men and women would certainly dump the dollar rather than risk the loss of their entire fortunes defending a losing cause.

If American opinion leaders knew the world financial community was seriously contemplating sending the United States into an inflationary depression that will personally bankrupt them, then they just might give the Senate and the Congress the spine to say no to Israel and yes to the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

If America allows Israel and the Bush-Cheney administration to sacrifice 17,500 sailors and marines in order to launch World War III, their leaders will demonstrate just how ruthless, insane and depraved the New American-Israeli World Order will be if it is not stopped.

My suggestion is that we tell as many people as possible that Israel will attack Iran precisely so they can sacrifice 17,500 American sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf. Our servicemen and women are to be deliberately sacrificed in a 21st century Pearl Harbor just so Israel and the Bush-Cheney administration can start a world war killing tens of millions if not billions of people. If enough people are made aware of the plan for war in advance, then the conflict cannot take place.

It is time for every man and every woman to say no to war. Even if you personally survive the coming holocaust, you will likely despise the world Bush, Cheney and Israel will allow you and your family to live in until either you or someone you care for dares to speak out against the corruption and the mass murder that has become our new government.


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