Deep Weirdness

However, your being uninformed about the shadow side of the US govt. does not make me crazy. Most people in the US have a kind of delusional reality, one given to them by over reliance on Corporate Media for their source of information. That is your responsibility to correct. I am glad to see so many people sincerely seeking the truth on the internet and being willing to investigate.
This is the kind of stuff where people's brains just typically shut right down. You would just have to read it for yourself and click through the links and pictures to see if your imagination is big enough to contain what this woman claims.

I'll say this, the way she claims to have been tortured strikes me as completely plausible.

Also note that the comment shoots her right down as mentally ill. But who is he? Who knows. The vaguest of profiles on Blogger, dating back to May 2007, right around the time that this story first appeared...it really doesn't tell us much, now does it?

Disparaging comments like this always pop up to bat down every 'kooky' idea. Who do these comments benefit? Well, if your plan is to control people's thoughts, then no, you do not want people wandering down certain lanes. Since most people care about being accepted and not being considered crazy, they will turn right around and abandon the line of inquiry as soon as someone labels it crazy. So it is that people who make these comments work as little gatekeepers.

So just jump the fence. It's really not that high.

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