More of Bush just doing his job: manifesting the Zionist vision

"The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel." - Ann Lewis, Hillary Clinton adviser and former White House official, said to applause at the United Jewish Communities debate in March 2008.

This week, as we all know, Bush is visiting Israel. If you think you can stand it, go read about his sickening speech to the Israeli Knesset, who interrupted his speech over fourteen times with loud applause.

Link to Haaretz: http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/984045.html
After the speech made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Knesset in March, it was hard to expect a more pro-Zionist speech. But as a former Knesset speaker, MK Reuven Rivlin, put it Thursday, "I wish our leaders would make speeches like this." Rivlin described Bush as "manifesting the Zionist vision."

Contrary to the applause Bush received for his address, the speech by Prime Minister Olmert was less popular and stirred considerable controversy.

Olmert promised that when there is a peace agreement it "will be approved by a large majority in the Knesset and it will be supported by the vast majority of the Israeli public."

Two MKs from the National Union, Zvi Hendel and Uri Ariel, left the plenum in protest, complaining that the event was "used to promote a political agenda that is opposed by most of the Israeli public."

Hendel issued a statement calling on Olmert "to learn from the president of the United States what Zionism is."

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) called out during Olmert's speech, "in your dreams."

He later proposed that Bush should replace Olmert.
Olmert, that pussy, is now facing serious corruption charges and will resign if indicted. The Israelis will have to find another suitable candidate to be their Zionist leader. They like Bush, but sadly, he's spoken for.

The Israelis are going to have to get their own damn crazy psychopathic murdering bastard for president. There is a limit to American generosity toward Israel, after all.

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