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O say can you see

There is a line.

I don't know if it's a line in the sand or crossing the Rubicon or however you want to think about it, but there is a line. When you stand at the line, you know that you will not step over it because if you do, you can't come back. You can't come back to your country, to your lover, to your mother, or to yourself. Maybe you can't even come back to God because part of you, an important part, will be dead.

So you'd think it would be amazing that people cross the line, but in fact they do it all the time. Yes, they do.

There are really just two basic moral constraints for human beings: no killing and no stealing. If everyone agreed to just those two things, certainly the world would be a more pleasant place. But of course, there's all manner of killing and stealing going on, not to mention all the other stuff. Killing and stealing go hand in hand. I don't think this is really in dispute if you think about it for 30 seconds.

The military plays a special role in state-sanctioned killing and stealing. I realize that many Americans have joined the military to serve with honor, but instead they've found themselves sent off to kill and steal in places like Iraq. Why? Because we civilians stupidly let our country be taken over by totally corrupt monsters who have no qualms about killing and stealing. And to the extent that military people have long made their bed with the Republican party and have gone along with the inane meme that only Republicans can protect the nation, they have literally slit their own throats for these monsters.

This is really nothing new, but it still takes many people by surprise. That's the tragedy of it. Americans love our military and seem to think we have special dispensation to kill and steal as we see fit in the name of 'national security'. That's what they keep telling us, and that's why the Winter Soldier hearings had to be buried -- to preserve the narrative.

Crossing the line has become so common as to be institutionalized, particularly in the military, but also in many other areas of American 'culture'. The psychopaths have indeed remade the world in their image. But there are pockets of resistance and true courage. Because let's get one thing straight: it takes no courage to cross the line and murder and steal. This is just another lie that people believe because they have no faith. They have no courage to live an honest life. They really don't believe it can be done. They really don't believe that God exists and that he will take care of them, and therefore being honest is just too risky. They know they'll fail or be run over by murderers and thieves, so they give up and join them before it gets to that point. It's a total capitulation to the morally depraved.

Where we're at today, we see courage when someone simply tells the truth. We see courage when someone refuses to cross the line. We see courage when someone refuses to kill and steal. We see courage when someone has no weapon save their integrity. We see courage when someone stands up to the murderers and thieves, and calls them what they are knowing full well that he will be savagely attacked.

There's courage in holding the line.

People should get on their knees and thank God that people like this still live and breathe in America.

Because this is what happens when a people loses real courage but clings to the illusion that they are still brave.

O say can you see?