Deal or No Deal?

Is there some possibility that the truth has leaked out enough over the interwebs that Bush/Cheney/Israel cannot execute their plans because 1) they’d have to really crack down hard to make it work and 2) that would prove all their critic absolutely correct…immediately…which would lead to 3) massive pushback and chaos and 4) their eventual but certain failure?

They really are in a bind. They want to start something nasty, but how will they get away with it? That’s the problem. If they can’t get away with it, they can lose everything. And they’ve already gotten away with a great deal. It’s still possible that they could walk now, go off in hiding somewhere with their billions, and live out their days chortling over us stupid saps. Personally I think it’s unlikely, but it’s definitely possible if they play their cards right.

But the ultimate prize of world domination is so close. It’s right…..there……….

It must be absolutely killing them to hold back.

Except they know that enough people are onto them that they can’t make a move without a bunch of people picking it apart and providing supporting links. The internet is like a gaseous blob oozing out of every crack and crevice, and they just can’t plug it all up. They have totally, completely lost the element of surprise.

Which is absolutely not to say that we should let up for one millisecond. By all means, redouble the efforts. But seriously, I don’t see how they can get away with anything at this point for long. They might do a heck of a job on us temporarily, but their evil plans are unsustainable. And they know it. And every person of conscience needs to know this too, because ultimately this is the power of good to triumph over evil.

Can I prove it? Of course not. But I know it in my bones.

The contemplative does not need to be systematic about anything, even about apparent madness. He is content with the wisdom of God, which is folly to men not because it is contrary to the wisdom of men, but because it entirely transcends it. - Thomas Merton, The Inner Experience, p. 109.

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