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Goodbye, Jim!

Many a time have I linked to James Howard Kunstler's wicked commentary on his blog, Clusterfuck Nation (link to the right...check it now because it's coming down). Sharp, brilliant, bitterly sarcastic, prophetic weekly posts.

Until this week. Evidently Jim has decided to 'come out' and reveal where his true loyalties lie: Israel. Who knew? And now we know that Jim has taken his amazing intellect, which has delighted so many for so long with his caustic analysis of American oil-consuming culture, and he has written a long post about 9/11 in which the State of Israel is studiously and meticulously avoided. He makes one mention of Israel, sandwiched in between Europe and Russia, as providing intelligence, some of which was wrong. Tsk tsk. You don't say.

Yes. Jim, brilliant though he may be, cannot see any connection whatsoever to Israel when he looks over the explanations of 9/11, aside from a few lapses in intelligence. Nope. It's all Arab, Iraq, Saddam Hussein, Arab, Afghanistan, Arab, Iraq, Iran, Arab, and so forth. You see, at the outset Jim quickly 'set aside the crank theories' of the utterly paranoid nonsensical kooks about 9/11. That freed him right up to see what was more convenient.

IF I didn't formerly have such a high opinion of Jim, THEN I would not be so bitterly disappointed in his obvious disregard for intellectual honesty on this matter. But since he's made his loyalties clear, all I can say now is goodbye, Jim! It was fun reading your blog while it lasted! I hope your Zionist masters paid you well for that last load of vomit you puked onto the internet.


malcontent said…
When he says, "the 9/11/01 attack on US targets represented: a grievous act which in any other moment of history and any other place on earth would have been construed as an act of war", he loses me.

War, in its classic form, requires 2 or more sovereign states in armed conflict. This is more precisely Asymmetrical Warfare which, unfortunately for the mildly disinterested masses of couch potatoes he is pontificating to here in America, doesn't fit into this binary talking point so cleanly. 1 state against non-state actors and no hard targets for us to attack without unintended consequences to consider. "Unintended Consequences" has become a tired euphemism recently as well for killing innocents and destroying third party properties and the meting of justice in the aftermath.

It is even uglier than war and we are all responsible for having delivered it to the world as American citizens so let us get on with ending it.