And for his next trick, George will get us all %$*& killed

Since the stupid fiasco in Georgia, the following events have transpired:

Russia has cancelled all military cooperation with NATO.
Around 10 joint military exercises were planned involving Russian and NATO members through the end of this year. They will probably all be cancelled.
Russia and Syria have renewed their former ties.
The Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” is ready to head from Murmansk towards the Mediterranean and the Syrian port of Tartus. The mission comes after Syrian President Bashar Assad said he is open for a Russian base in the area. The “Admiral Kuznetsov”, part of the Northern Fleet and Russia’s only aircraft carrier, will head a Navy mission to the area. The mission will also include the missile cruiser “Moskva” and several submarines, Newsru.com reports. President Assad in meetings in Moscow this week expressed support to Russia’s intervention in South Ossetia and Georgia. He also expressed interest in the establishment of Russian missile air defence facilities on his land.
And Israel, ever paranoid, is feeling real, actual heat from their stupidity since Russia enjoys close ties with Israel's neighbors/enemies.
"I think that everyone in Russia and in the world is now aware of Israel's role and its military consultants in the Georgian crisis," said President al-Assad, who will meet his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, on Thursday. Such deals would irk Washington and Tel Aviv, which have long asked Moscow not to sell weapons to countries that share borders with the occupied territories.

Reports, however, indicate that Russia is eager to revive its defense ties with Syria following the South Ossetian conflict, in which Georgia used Israeli-supplied equipment. An Israeli website reported that Moscow plans to deploy advanced missile systems - including the S-300 air-missile defense system as well as the nuclear-capable Iskander missiles - in Syria in the near future. A Russian official was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying that a number of deals involving anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems are being prepared by Russia and Syria. "Damascus is Moscow's long-standing partner in military cooperation and we are expecting to reach an agreement in principle on new weapons deals," said the source. The official added that the Syrians are interested in acquiring Russia's Pantsyr-S1 Air Defense Missile systems, BUK-M1 surface-to-air medium-range missile system, military aircraft, and other hardware.

Russia has condemned both Israel and the US for their role in arming the Georgian military with sophisticated weapons. Israel claims it has not directly equipped or trained the Georgian military, and private Israeli firms - with the defense ministry's approval- are responsible for such dealings.
So now, dear friends -- and I know this will shock you -- Israel's security will be threatened by the very idiotic actions prompted by Israel and the Israeli-controlled US government through their puppet Saakashvili. Israel, populated by the most insecure people on earth, who paradoxically consider themselves more precious than others and yet cling and grasp and lie and murder so much that the world cannot help but recoil in horror at the gaping void where a human soul would otherwise repose, will now be retro-fitted with whatever the US military has to offer at American taxpayer expense, of course.

It's as if no matter what happens, Israel will be taken care of. Should this little Georgian sortie have worked, they would have been happy. But since it didn't work, they still get to play their poor threatened victim card to extort more from Americans.

And now, wasting no time whatsoever on the next stupid idea, Olmert is talking about another war with Lebanon and warning Israelis to expect direct hits on their own cities.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Tuesday that the next war with Lebanon would involve attacks on Israel's cities, and threatened that the Jewish state would hit back "harder than before."

In 2006 Hizbullah fired almost 4,000 rockets at northern Israel during a monthlong war, reaching cities as far south as Haifa and Tiberias.

Olmert warned that now that Hizbullah is the "dominant" force in Lebanon, Israel will hit back "harder than before." Olmert added that the Jewish state did not use all means to respond in 2006, but "if Lebanon becomes a Hizbullah state, then we won't have any restrictions in this regard."

The next war with Lebanon. Planning ahead, are we? Well, it should be no surprise. After all, American Goy has the whole lowdown on how this premeditated Georgian clusterfuck came to be. These people -- the Bush Administration and the Israeli government -- are criminals. They belong in prison for mass murder. If they are not stopped, they will just keep killing. It's what they do for a living, and Americans and Israelis are not excepted from state-sanctioned murder no matter how 'patriotic' they are or whatever the hell imaginary quality people seem to think protects them.

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