I bet Israel will make some expedient decisions soon that will be very awkward for the neocons, such as cutting some deals with certain professed 'enemies' like Iran and Russia. The Europeans will do the same thing, but with history as a guide, I don't expect to see much restraint in the rush to label the French and Germans as ungrateful back-stabbers. It's when the Israelis, our special buddies, cut us loose to save their own asses that we will see some flabbergasted Americans trying to make sense of it all.

This guy nails it, in my opinion. The facts on the ground will force the Europeans and the Israelis to side with Russia. They need the oil and gas -- it's as simple as that. I'm sure they will try to finesse the snub, but given that our economy has to contract by an estimated $2 trillion, and that's going to take awhile, they can't ignore the facts on the ground in the meantime. If they are forced to be with us or against us, um, well...actually...I hate to break this to you, but...we gotta talk.

Israel, made aware of their precarious situation thanks to powerful Russian smelling salts, might suddenly become much more cooperative with their neighbors. The US, flat-footed and broke, saddled with multiple losing wars, in the middle of a presidential election and yet still dragging the Bush team around for another four and a half more months, will fail to manage the diplomatic challenges directly ahead. They would have to admit to being wrong, and that is not something that they ever admit. In fact, Condi has done nothing but dig the hole deeper, and now The Dick himself will head over to the region to crack some heads together. In contrast, the Israelis merely have to be treacherous, and a horrible ally, willing to stab us in the back in order to save themselves. I don't see that as a problem for them.

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