Hissy Fits

The US under George Bush has absolutely wasted an unforgivable number of lives, money and opportunities over the last eight years. Russia and China are the world's new superpowers. But since this is very, very difficult for some people to admit, we are instead treated to various hissy fits of self-righteous indignation from the losers.

Here's one with that shrew Condoleeza Rice and the spastic Saakashvili.

At a joint appearance with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Tiblisi after signing the accord, Saakashvili lashed out again at Russia and the West. We will "never, ever surrender" he said about the conflict with Russia. He then accused the West of triggering Russian aggression by denying his country membership in NATO. Rice defended the new cease-fire document, saying it requires that the Soviets leave Georgia immediately adding that the time has come "to begin a discussion of the consequences of what Russia has done."

Saakashvili used the opportunity to again criticize the West. He says he warned the world about a Russian military buildup for months. He says that Russia mobilized 1,200 tanks within hours to invade Georgian territory. "This whole thing could have been prevented," Saakashvili said. "We are today looking evil directly in the eye," a visibly emotional Saakashvili told reporters. He said Georgia would never reconcile itself to any occupation of its territory by Russia.

Earlier President Bush also lashed out at Moscow saying that "bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century." "Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected. Moscow must honor its commitment to withdraw its invading forces from all Georgian territory," Bush said before leaving for a vacation in Texas.

That's very rich coming from a man who has presided over the destruction of two sovereign countries while bankrupting our own.

There was the incident on Fox, which has really made its way around the block.

And perhaps most interesting, hundreds of retired IDF soldiers who had gone to Georgia to train the Georgian army hear that their trainees have been killed.


Returning soldiers reported that top-secret IDF materials were left lying around for anyone to see because the Israeli training company wanted to finish quickly and make more money on other projects. In addition, they also had to finish quickly because they knew these Georgian soldiers would be facing real combat soon. Somehow they just knew the Russians were coming.

Actually, the Georgian officers told their soldiers they would be going to help NATO forces in Iraq, but the knew the real objective was Ossetia and Abkhazia.

According to Tomer, Gal Hirsch came to visit the trainers now and then, but was mostly absent. And when the training was officially over, Tomer did not feel that his soldiers were ready for war. "By Israeli standards, the soldiers had almost zero capability and the officers were mediocre," he said. "It was clear that taking that army to war was illogical." By keeping in touch with one of his soldiers, Tomer discovered that most of the men he had trained had indeed been killed in the war. "Some of them became good friends of mine and invited me into their homes. It's hard to digest that these people have suddenly vanished from the face of the earth," he lamented. Defense Shield stated in response that "all of the company's actions were approved by the Defense Ministry, including the materials transferred to the training companies. The information security standards were set, emphasized, and maintained by experienced security officers, and we have no knowledge of these claims."
Hmm. IDF soldiers never struck me as being such softies. Certainly they have no trouble killing Palestinians, but the Georgians are their peeps.

So this whole exercise has been a complete disaster for the credibility of Team USA/Israel. And I did not know this, but the 2014 Winter Olympics are slated for Sochi, Russia. Allright?!?! That calls for another hissy fit. Something Must Be Done, Dammit.


From Karl Schwartz:
The 'territorial dispute' matter was just an excuse. South Ossetia and Abkhazia have not desired to be a part of Georgia since the USSR disbanded in 1991. The real reason is that most NATO members want peace with Russia, and want no more Bush lunacy stirring up problems. To the 'letter of the law' Russia withdrew 80 armored divisions, legions of missile and artillery systems and ended the Cold War. Most of NATO knows that Bush and his lunacy are bungling into what could be a very hot war. Many NATO members are not happy about this fake 'Bush Missile Shield' that is an offensive weapon system aimed at Russia. Russia has made it clear Poland is now designated as a nuclear weapons target. EU and NATO saw that coming and they are not pleased at this constant, never ending, underhanded provocation of Russia by Junior and his Zionist Buddies.
The world now gets to choose between Russia and Team USA/Israel. Let's think about this choice for a second. Bush has been a disaster. Obama is counseled by a man who hates Russia, and McCain is a crazy warmonger. They are both managed by people running the rapidly imploding and completely corrupt financial system. Team USA/Israel is broke and despised throughout the world. Meanwhile, Russia has oil, gas, money, pipelines, and smart leaders. Not to mention that Russia is right next door to Europe.

If you were one of these smaller countries, who would you align with? Obviously, the gig is up. Thus, the hissy fits.

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