Please...please...let's be reasonable

A report from a Lebanese source: (click through for original link)
The United States has informed Israel that it bans any attack on Iran to knock down its nuclear program, the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reported Sunday. The newspaper, in a Tel Aviv-datelined report, said Washington has "clearly informed Israel… that we would not allow you to launch war on Iran."
[My first question: Why don't Americans know this? Because ABCNBCCBSFOXCNN are too busy blowing smoke up their asses about Sarah Palin.]
The reported U.S. message also includes a ban on the use of Iraqi airspace to launch raids against Iran, the report added. Some Israeli forces believe the "west has succumbed" to the idea of nuclear-armed Iran … and Israel must acknowledge this reality," according to the report. However, "the majority of Israeli political and military officials believe that Iran's nuclear program poses a direct threat to Israel's existence," the report said. Such officials believe that "they should get rid of this (Iranian) program," the report explained. Getting rid of the Iranian nuclear program can be achieved "by the collapse of the ruling regime, by an American military strike or by effective international pressure that reaches the level of a suffocating blockade," it added.
[Please note that getting rid of the (non-existant) Iranian nuclear program cannot be achieved by an Israeli strike, according to the Israeli report.]
Nevertheless, "If the (whole) world does not back one of these options, Israel would be left with no choice but to act alone" against Iran, the report added.
Estimated Israeli government response to US: WHAaaaaaa!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!! (foot stomping) You HAVE to help us!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise we could get HURT!!!! DON'T YOU CARE???!!!?????????

WE HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU. WILL. PAY. FOR. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right after that temper tantrum, here, Israel has suddenly become more cooperative with its neighbors. Surprise, surprise.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has worked out a "compromise" with the forces calling for striking Iran. He upgraded the budget of the military and security agencies to prepare for a strike and opened dialogue with Syria via Turkey. The report quoted Olmert as saying going to "war against Iran without peace with Syria would be a serious adventure." "The army believed that Syria would take part in such a war, Israel can defeat Syria and reach as deep as Damascus, threatening to occupy the Syrian capital. "But such an operation, even if its success is guaranteed, would cost Israel 1,000-2,000 fatalities, would lead to shelling several Israeli cities and would result in extensive damage sustained by both sides. "Above all, this war would end by going into negotiations focusing on returning the Golan to Syria." The report also quoted Olmert as saying "as long as the result would be negotiations over the Golan, but only after major losses, why don't we start negotiations on the Golan now and achieve peace that gets Syria out of the sphere of Iranian influence?" It also quoted Olmert as saying "Syrian President Bashar Assad is not an adventurer, he is a smart person …and doesn't perceive himself with Iran, strategically.
Indeed. Why not cooperate if you have to actually pony up some lives and, more importantly, territory? This is getting serious.

Let's get it straight. Israel does not want to pay the price for their hegemony over the Middle East. They want it for free, else they want Americans to pay the price. And they will make us pay for not paying, somehow, which will undoubtedly suck. But even so, at least by standing up against their threats, somebody in the US has somehow preserved one precious thread of national integrity which remains after eight years of rape by Bush/Cheney and the neocons!

Why hasn't anyone tried this sooner?

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