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An article from ynet, posted here, informs us that Moscow has been working to convene a multi-party Mideast peace conference in November. Hmm. That's funny, because without Israel, it's a worthless endeavor. But if Russia should succeed in hosting a successful Mideast peace conference, well... wouldn't that change everything? Kind of like a 9/11 in reverse. The Arab World would love to break out of the current stalemate. If Russia can get Israel to cooperate, well, Condi could forget about ever collecting her Nobel Peace Prize.

A fantasy, you say? Hold on. Brother Nathanael discusses the relationship between Russia and Israel, referencing a Haaretz piece bemoaning how this Georgian debacle played out.
Israel has a long, unfortunate history of supporting failing, problematic regimes, from Idi Amin in Uganda to Augusto Pinochet in Chile, including the generals in Argentina and the Phalanges in Lebanon. The establishment repeatedly has been enticed to believe Israel can be a regional power, and has paid a painful price every time. Now, we may be able to thank Putin for quickly showing Israel the limits of its power and influence, and letting it escape with minimal damages.
Oh dear. Is Israel about to add GWB in USA to the long list of 'failing, problematic regimes' it has tried to 'support'? Is it time to dump the poor old USA, now that it's all used up? Would it be much better to play nice with Russia, especially now that Israel has all the military toys (courtesy of US taxpayers) that it needs? Maybe they'll break up with us before we break up with them, especially since we never would and they know it, having bought and paid for every politician in the US government.

Hey, it could happen. For a great take on it, read this:
First off, if you're an English speaker, every story proffered on the Russia-Georgia conflict is 100-proof propaganda. Next, the most important story you haven't heard is that Israel is betting against US success vs. Russia. Paradoxically, and despite Israel's typically overweening, convoluted conceits, this is very heartening, since it means they think the US won't go to the mat and start launching its nuclear arsenal. Apparently, they also believe the Russians can handle US Navy, Air Force, and Army units going into Project Georgia in the names of "humanitarian aid" and "peacekeeping." Israel understandably wants the output of the BP-sponsored Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan whoever controls it, yet until now they've been neck-deep in arming and training the Georgian military. How deep? Georgia's minister of defense, for example, is a citizen of Israel.

Still, it's tough to be sanguine, or resist going into seizures or duck-n-cover positions. The Bush Administration is about as dangerous as a badger on crystal meth, and as we've repeatedly seen, they're so dumb they can screw up a soda straw.
Can you imagine the maniacal spinning and spontaneous imploding if Our Best Friend EVAH!!, Israel, dumped us for Russia after we've run our entire frikkin country plus a couple extras into the ground on their account? That sure would be something to see.

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