What next?

You know your country is beyond help when you start rooting for the Russians.

Russian Energy Might is Wilting W's Dreams includes the following satisfying statements:
Russia has already made it clear they will counter the Bush Missile Shield folly militarily. Make no mistake, there are many millions of very unhappy people in Europe because Bush is such a juvenile punk that he would be so offensive and confrontational with Russia since he can't get his way in Iraq or Afghanistan or the Caspian Basin, nor can he attack Iran as he and Israel long to do.

The Russians have already cut the Czech Republic oil supplies by 50% to remind them who heats their homes and powers their economy and cars.It is not the fault of Russia or Iran that George W Bush is a colossal failure.

W is the sole reason for his failures and needs no help from anyone in creating them. He is 'The Decider' - always decisive...and always wrong.

Wake up to reality, America. These people in DC are nothing less than criminally psychotic and stupid. And they are certifiably insane if they think they are the true leaders of this world. The world laughs and mocks our leaders and has no intentions of kneeling to them.
And so forth...

Putting that in context with the analysis here, basically stating that Russia is the target because it has all sorts of landlocked energy resources that will smash US hegemony, things begin to be clearer and clearer. This is via Winter Patriot:
Henceforth, patsy groups like the TIP are to be used increasingly against “enemy states” like China and Russia, the two targets who have gone to the top of the list, displacing the earlier focus on the far less significant Iran and North Korea. Any attacks by the TIP on Chinese territory will of course represent acts of war by the US-UK against China, and could easily generate incalculable consequences over time. Under the Brzezinski Plan, the US-UK will be messing with the biggest country in the world, and one which comes equipped with ICBMs and H-bombs that can strike US territory.

Pentagon boss Robert Gates, a Brzezinski man going back to the Carter NSC in 1977-79, said this week that irregular warfare and soft power are the wave of the immediate future, and that may be exactly what we are about to get in spectacular form. This speech may well have been a signal that something big and very messy in the irregular warfare department is about to happen at the Olympics. “Al Qaeda,” the CIA’s Islamic Legion, traces its origins back to the Carter-Brzezinski years, just after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in response to Brzezinski’s playing of the Islamic fundamentalism card against them.
Oh great.

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