For the love of God

The psychopaths make their evil plans because they can, and because they enjoy having the power to make others suffer. But being only six percent of the population, they need help. They need other people to do things which go against their better judgment.

Look at this: doctored pictures of the Georgian conflict. Think of the minimum number of people involved in making and disseminating these fake pictures -- the photographer(s), the 'actors', and the editors. Why do they do it?

The poster has an accurate assessment:

One will often hear Reuters, AP, AFP, DPA and others refer to, say, Serbian RTS as "Belgrade's official TV", as if BBC, CNN, CBC, ABC and others are "independent", far removed from the offices of their respective states' governments and administrations. Rubbish! If they are all independent and each on their own, then how come they're all always tooting the same horn and always rooting for the same side in every conflict, every war, every confrontation -- how can that be?! How was such a wide consensus achieved on every single international issue, when was this perfectly unison choir formed, spanning millions of newspapers, magazines, web sites, TV studios and news agencies? Are they all copying from each other because they are all border-line retarded, a world wide club of semi-retards who can't come up with a single original thought, or because they follow political instructions, an unwritten, unquestionable set of rules, a codex saying you either fall in line and follow the script, or you're out in the cold, and out for good? You decide.

But, when you see the rigged photo stories like these latest ones from British Reuters, be kind and remember -- they might be out to destroy entire nations, but someone's paycheck depends on it, so ...they had to do it.

In the end, people -- if they are not inherently depraved -- will frequently do depraved things for money.

From the comment thread:

These are typical US infowar or psyop war techniques. It is important to remember that US Army Psyops Specialists worked for CNN during the Kosovo conflict. CNN is nothing but Government-controlled media. Invariably, CNN parrots the Pentagon, CIA, and US State Department. CNN is actually just an arm of the US government and military.

If you notice on the web, AFP has photos of destroyed Georgian T-72 tanks in the capital city of South Ossetia. CNN and Reuters do not show any of those photos. Those photos show that the CIA installed Georgian Government, a puppet government of the US, has heavy weapons that it used against its own citizens in what amounted to genocide and war crimes. There were thousands of Ossetian refugees which CNN also did not show. Moreover, 2,000 Ossetian civilians were killed by US trained Georgian troops. Again, CNN did not show this.

CNN and Reuters focused on "collateral damage". These photos are particularly inane. What is that, Butt Crack Genocide? Butt Crack "aggression" against the Butt Crack "victims". CNN and Butt Crack go together.

What CNN is covering up is how the Ossetians and Russians wiped out that neocon Likudnik army in Ossetia. Ossetians report that the city is full of rotting corpses of dead US trained Georgian soldiers. There are piles and piles of dead CIA trained Likudnik necon corpses in the city. There are also rows and rows of destroyed Georgian tanks. Bill Kristol should check out those photos. His Likudnik CIA neoconservative troops got slaughtered. They are stincking up the place in Ossetia. I guess the Ossetians and the Russians "cracked some Likudnik CIA puppet skulls" in Ossetia! Bill Kristol gets to watch his puppets get slaughtered.

Ultimately, CNN is covering up the US role as the puppet master to this genocide. The US planned this aggression for the Georgian puppets and is bankrolling the Georgian army. This genocide is Made in the USA. So it is gratifying to see these US puppets get their skulls crushed. The US military training really helped them. Helped them right into body bags. The Ossetians and Russians crushed the skulls of these neocon puppets and stooges. CNN and Reuters cannot do anything about that. All they can do is show Butt Cracks. Inside Butt Cracks is where CNN belongs as does Reuters. What a big joke CNN is.

Lots of seemingly confusing things really boil down to basic human nature. Look what it takes to survive and thrive in the USA today: lots of money. As a result, most people live in constant financial insecurity. Everything about our culture drives us to serve mammon, not God. And the more one succeeds, the more critical it becomes to keep one's place.

Take Colin Powell:
What is there to say? Except: ultimately the president is responsible for his decisions. People lied and dissembled because he wanted them to.

Why did they do it? Why did they condone error? Because they were human and not independently wealthy – their jobs, i.e., their self worth depended on their jobs. Most of us most of the time derive our estimate of our value from our jobs. That sense is our schwerpunkt – the thing we must defend. The most concrete way to do it is to hold onto our job because the job pays for everything else – cars, good addresses, theater tickets, invitations, etc., etc.

What should one feel toward those who succumbed? Anger, pity, sympathy, empathy?

The moving finger has written and having written has moved on. We should also, but trying to end/reduce the ongoing damage of the choices we made.

I guess you can add depressed to my answer about how we should feel.

~ Fred Feer (Agency alum, 1964-1979)
So there you have it. But there is another side to this story. Some people do things for the truth, or for the love of God if you will (to me it's the same). This explains why the internet poses such a danger to the establishment -- because most of the people digging around and spending hours going down blind alleys looking for answers do not do it for money. A tip jar does not a living wage make. They just want to know what the hell is going on. They want answers. They want someone to be held accountable. They care about the world and about the lives of people they do not know. This powerful force which drives people to spend valuable time searching for answers (and let us not forget that time is money according to the world we live in), and to put their personal safety at risk to bring the truth to others, this force cannot be controlled by the powerful, though they will try.

But it comes at a price. For instance, Smoking Mirrors has been down for a few weeks. This is part of the explanation:
Meanwhile… I have consistently labored for a significant portion of my life doing what I do for free and not complaining about it. I have endured some good amount of hardship from being the person who does these things for free and in fact I even have to pay for the opportunity to do it. It actually costs me in coin of the realm and in other costs just to do what I do and I don’t complain about that. I’ve a limit to the abuse and sacrifice that I will accept in the process of doing something for free.
People should remember that it's not for nothing that people seek the truth and write the truth and have their names associated with exceedingly politically incorrect ideas, which are nonetheless TRUE. It's time-consuming, and it requires courage. It can have unpleasant consequences. Very often one might wonder why the hell one takes the trouble to do this thankless job. But we know why: for love of the truth, and because it confounds the evil. And because we hope against hope that by exposing them we can somehow help avert disaster for us all.
In the same way, Satan's intelligence is afflicted with two other blind spots I have observed. One is that by virtue of its extreme self-centeredness, it has no real understanding of the phenomenon of love. It recognizes love as a reality to be fought and even to be imitated, but utterly lacking in itself, it does not understand love in the least. Its reality appears to Satan only like the reality of a bad joke. The notion of sacrifice is totally foreign to it. When human beings at an exorcism are speaking in the language of love, it does not comprehend what they are saying. And when they are behaving with love, Satan is completely ignorant of the ground rules. - M. Scott Peck, People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, p. 208
Greedy people do not do things for free. They especially do not make sacrifices for free. They don't understand that kind of behavior, and they cannot control it because it has nothing to do with money. This is the way to weaken and ultimately conquer their vortex: do things for the love of God, not money.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 1 Corinthians 13:6

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"Greedy people do not do things for free." And now they have a place where they can be as greedy as they want to: http://www.greedypeople.com

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