Fundie dreams may become nightmares

Lots and lots of speculating about Palin and whether or not she can last as VP pick. Now that we know the religious right picked her, this was clearly aimed at the base and the base alone. Here is the smoking gun: http://www.thenation.com/blogs/campaignmatters?pid=352178.

So, they're filling up the coffers. She remains under withering attack, and one can only imagine the victim-warrior narrative being used to motivate and shake down the base for every spare nickel.

The fundies have been used this way many times before, but to this date they can't get no satisfaction from the GOP. They're kind of like the Israelis that way. No matter how many wingnut judges or gutted science curriculums you throw their way, it's never enough. They still feel threatened. So just imagine how excited they must be to have one of their very own on the ticket.

Now, just imagine how they will feel if, after sending many millions of dollars to the GOP because of Palin, she gets dumped. Oh dear. And on top of that, who would replace her? It's like some sort of betrayal, don't you think? A set-up, perhaps, to get the fundies last monies before they break up with the GOP forever. The fundies are so high maintenance anyway. Good riddance.

Perhaps this is why Karl Rove thinks it's a 'brilliant' decision, though he can't come right out and explain why or that would ruin all the fun.

Should this all come to pass, we will see who really calls teh shots around here. Beware the fallacy of insufficient cynicism. Things are bad. Very, very bad. No more effing around.

UPDATE: Brilliantly written details here, fully conveying the gasping, pearl-clutching horror of it all. Blow after blow after blow.
The Governor cancelled her busy schedule today allegedly to prepare her acceptance speech, but insiders report that she is now consumed in dealings with powerful Republicans who want to oust her.
...Initially, many conservatives were thrilled with McCain's selection because Governor Palin is a devout evangelical Christian, a pro-life politician and a prominent gun enthusiast with a membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA). However, the mood of many of the party's faithful is changing with the emergence of new and troubling reports about hitherto obscure details lurking in her background.
...Many Republican conservatives attending the St. Paul convention are aghast that Governor Palin's daughter might not have become pregnant had she been able to obtain appropriate counseling.
...Even Governor Palin's personal image is causing her problems. Earlier this morning, Republican eyebrows were raised when a photograph emerged of Governor Palin wearing disco attire featuring a micro-mini-skirt and a breathtakingly low-cut décolleté as she steadied herself on a bar while teetering on shiny, black patent leather platforms fitted with vertiginous stiletto heels that could have been purchased at Victoria's Secret.
Let's hear it for the 'hitherto obscure details lurking in the background'. Priceless. Maybe the GOP/fundie marriage can be saved after all, though that would require throwing Mrs. Palin under the bus together. A human sacrifice.

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