The Price of Sanity is Now Happiness

Well here we are again. The seventh anniversary of the day of infamy. What can one say about today? Well, that really depends on where your mind has gone over the past seven years. I am going to keep this personal, and tell you how 9/11 has changed my life.

I used to be a happy person. When George Bush stole the 2000 election, I knew he was stealing and I knew things were bad. What the hell was the matter with people? How come they could not see through this man? Real men did not need to strut around like roosters and talk with an affected phony accent, but millions found this act charming. The destruction of the American mind, the withering away of our ability to discern reality, had already been sufficiently advanced to allow a complete and obvious impostor like GWB to be taken seriously. Of course, the corporate media shills moved mountains to make this happen. None of this could have happened without their constant facilitation, an unforgivable betrayal that will land many of them in the ninth circle of hell, where they belong.

Of course I believed that terrorists attacked us on 9/11, but I couldn't bring myself to support Bush even then. He always creeped me out. Somehow I was immune to his wiles and knew we had to get rid of this guy in 2004. People were digging up the truth about his National Guard service and other lies, like the ones used to get us into Iraq; and many blatant lies were documented. But no. The cancer had spread. Republicans refused to hear the truth, and they became vicious in Bush's defense.

Around that time I also began doing a little research into 9/11. Questions had been bubbling, but the commission had people that we thought we could trust, like John McCain. Surely, after being eviscerated by Rove's machine, he would sidle up close to Bush and stick the shiv in. Wasn't that what he was doing? How could he let these treacherous liars get away with it -- all these dead Americans? McCain was a war hero. He would save us from Bush using his position on the 9/11 commission. Ha! Wrong again. He never did anything of the sort. On the contrary, he overlooked everything and tucked in nice and cozy.

One thing led to another, and I became hooked on finding out why nothing makes sense in this country. And I found out enough. Do I have the answers to every question? Certainly not, but I found out enough to know that we are ruined, and how, and by whom. I found out enough to know that I brought three children into this world and their future is bleak, and my heart is broken. I found out enough to understand why this country constantly talks about Israel, and Israel's security, and what's good for Israel. I found out enough to know that for just two or three percent of our population, Jewish people hold a truly amazing number of key government and corporate media jobs from which they shape both policy and narrative. I found out enough to know that this whole war on terror is a big cock-up designed to keep us at war because some people profit handsomely from death and destruction. I found out enough to know why the vast majority of Americans have to work harder and harder to maintain a declining standard of living. I found out enough to know that the official story of 9/11 makes no sense, and even if the truth movement has been littered with misinformation designed to discredit honest people, the official story still makes no sense and they obviously have much to hide. I found out enough to know that our Constitution no longer protects us, but our government doesn't even have the balls to admit that we live in a dictatorship because they're so greedy and cowardly they want everything for free, even unlimited power over the American people. And I found out enough to know that all these things are connected.

That's what I did since 9/11/01. And now I am no longer happy. I ceased to be happy five years ago, and in fact, I live in a state of grim depression. But that is the sacrifice I made to understand, in an imperfect way, what has happened to our country. It is the price of living in reality. I am depressed, but I am sane. I am depressed because I am sane. And I encourage every American to start somewhere, and to start to apprehend the truth in all its depressing darkness, because that is the only way to honor all the people, and there are so many, who have been murdered as a result of this day seven years ago. It is the only way out of the growing insanity that we have become. The entire world watches in horror, wondering if we will emerge from the swoon in time or take the entire planet down in a final fit of insane delusion.

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MarcLord said...

very eloquently put, great post.

When Bush was (s)elected I told my entire work team over lunch, "Just so you know, bad things are going to happen in this country. I don't know exactly how bad, but they'll be very bad. I won't discourage any of you who come from other countries from leaving."

Still, even I was surprised when they pulled 9/11, and thought it might really be a terrorist attack, right up until the evening news when they magically announced the identity of all the patsies.

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