Sick minds make sick weapons

Remember when Benazir Bhutto was killed? I wrote a little theory about that assassination, and at the time it made me very nervous because I got some...shall we say...powerful visitors to my blog. The government does not like people poking around their black ops weapons technology. But they want to use the weapons, see, because they are just so sick!, so it's such a damned if you do/damned if you don't kind of problem for them. They have to be totally on their toes to provide alternative explanations and plenty of spin if anyone notices anything amiss.

These weapons have been in use, but they've been used on poor people far away for years. Few reporters have written about these dark things, and surely those that could expose them wouldn't for fear of losing their jobs (or worse). Now we have the 'intrepid' Bob Woodward 'breaking the story' in truly titillating fashion through CNN and Larry King. (link via s o s)

Bob says:
“The top secret operations will “some day in history … be described to people’s amazement,” Woodward told King.
Amazement, eh? Try horror, you fucking asshole. Pardon me, but it is not amazing "in a good way" that our government has used billions of dollars, most likely laundered drug money which wrecked a few million American lives along the way to the Pentagon black ops budget, to develop secret laser weapons that have been used to kill innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

That sick bastard Donald Rumsfeld was rubbing his hands together back in 2002 about zapping people, and the predictions then were that the weapons would be ready in less than five years. So now it's 2008, and lo and behold, Bob Woodward deigns to inform us through Larry King that our military is using some amazing shit against the 'terrorists.'

Yeah, well. Terrorists like this, murdered by Israelis with our cool technology in 2006? Maybe it was still experimental back then.

Or was this little child just murdered with boring old traditional weapons like tank shells, bullets, or bombs? Was he suffocated and crushed to death under rubble? Such a boring death.

Well, there are always the mysterious chemical weapons...

Dear all ,

Ok , I have to admit the attached pictures are hideously gruesome, but you have to look at them . Help me find out what kind of weapons cause this kind of dismemberment and mutation. What kind of weapons cause this kind of damage? Do you know? Could you find out?

None of this is confirmed, or could be here and now. However, there are growing doubts that Israel might be using internationally forbidden weapons in its current aggression against Lebanon. News from "Southern Medical Center", a hospital in Saida( in South Lebanon) are not good.

Dr. Bashir Sham, member of "French Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons", explains that the way the corps [sic] look when they reach the hospital , especially those of the air strikes in Doueir and Rmayleih, is very abnormal. One might think they were burnt , but their colour is dark , they're inflated, and they have a terrible smell. All this , and the hair is not burnt nor do the bodies bleed.

Eight of the victims of an air strike on Rmayleih bridge, near Saida, on the 15th of July, were transferred to Sham's hospital.

Sham says that only chemical poisonous substances "lead to instant death without bleeding". And what indicates the power of these substances, is the high and unusual of number of dead victimes, compared to the number of injuries.

Sham thinks that whatever abnormal substance causing these features might penetrate through the skin, or another explanation would be that the missiles contained toxic gas that stopped the proper functioning of the nervous system, and led to blood clotting.

These toxic materials cause immediate death, within two to thirty minutes, according to Sham, who admits that these doubts can't be proven, not even by an autopsy.

The director of the same medical center, Ali Mansour, says that due to the strong smell of the corps, he couldn't breath properly for at least 12 hours after the corps were handled.

He explains that the center received eight bodies from Rmeileh last Monday, and none of them was bleeding. Mansour tells us the hospital wrote to both the commissioner of the European Union for Foreign Affaires Javier Solana, and the United Nations Secretary general Kofi Anan. He said that dr Sham will communicate his doubts to the Doctors Order in Lebanon.

I wish I could help. All I can do is point out the LIES of our government and the INCESSANT LYING of the corporate media. All I can do is point out to my fellow Americans that these technologies will be used against us in the name of Homeland Security. And that you will be instructed to like it and be supportive because you are to believe that only bad people will ever come to know these things intimately, and while you're smoking that crack pipe please remember that all the people in the US military are truly and surely boyscouts who walk old ladies across the street and carry their groceries and would never, ever do anything to hurt an innocent person. So you can trust them completely with any kind of weapon, no matter how diabolical it may seem, because this is America. And I am just as qualified to be Vice President as Sarah Palin because my son plays hockey and I make my kids' own damned sandwiches, too. And that's all it takes. Right? RIGHT????


MarcLord said...

I believe Woodward refers to an airborne chemical laser gunship. google boeing, airborne laser, it's right on their site. Can micro-target and fry a tank in seconds. A person would die instantly.

A. Peasant said...

Oh, thank you. I couldn't bring myself to actually watch the clip. Of course, that didn't stop me from flying off the handle. It is easy to tap the reservoir of disgust these days. The cup runneth over, sadly.

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