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Where does one even begin?

Following the news can easily become a full-time job, and interpreting the news takes the wisdom of Solomon. Since I am unqualified for that task, let me just wish all of you the best of luck and I'll do what I can with the cards we've been dealt.

As for the financial meltdown currently taking place, I see it but I'm not sure what it really means yet. It appears to be planned event, but the timing seems off. Perhaps "they" hoped to forestall it until after the elections to insure that McCain could get in first. In addition, it does not seem that everyone expected to have both feet on the reservation about McCain got the memo. Perhaps Palin is a bridge too far. The overall problem appears to be that events are happening so quickly that they defy coordination and control. Considering how orchestrated our lives have become, the advantage accrues to those paying attention -- as long as you can keep up. Good luck.

Meanwhile, the revelations about the DOJ and Cheney's cabal back in 2004 are very, very interesting. Clearly Cheney and Addington have been making all sorts of decisions and using a combination of secrecy and bullying to make it all stick. Addington whined:
"I'm sure when we leave office we're all going to be hauled up before congressional committees and grand juries," Addington told one colleague in disgust.
God Willing!

But we still don't know what was this surveillance 'thing' that prompted such intense pushback from the DOJ.

While all this rages on, we've had other news about the mysterious weapons that Bob Woodward told Larry King about. He couldn't say more because someone could get killed, by which he must have meant a "good guy," since obviously, plenty of people have been getting killed by the said unknown technology, but I digress...

And what the hell is going on with Hurricane Ike? Gee whiz the Republicans were so attentive to people's needs when Hurricane Gustav displaced their convention. They were paragons of virtue. But here we are, just two weeks later, and they're right back to the Katrina playbook.

These things are connected. It's all connected: mysterious weapons, surveillance, the lethargic and brain-dead American public, weather modification. We must discover the connections, and they have to do with technology.
The surveillance state is well in place and all pervasive. The government here employs one in 25 people (2001) to snitch on their neighbors and clientele, and there are many more recruits available who do this out of some misguided zealotry: fundamental churches are sponsored to provide candidates for this role, as well as any other organization including but not limited to motorcycle club/gang members. Two way television surveillance is rife, and in place just about anywhere there are cable TV facilities. Many monitors and televisions are equipped with a camera OUT, letting law enforcement into your living room whenever they feel the need. The legislation enacted recently by boy george (Since 9-11) is just an attempt to make all this legal on paper.
Watching people in their homes, through their TVs and computers? Was that what pushed Ashcroft and Comey over the edge? I mean, were they ok with monitoring all our phone calls and emails, but they drew the line at the peep show? I don't know. That's just the problem -- we don't know. So much secrecy surrounds our government, and what they're really doing, and to what nefarious ends.
The New World Order is wireless, and will never end unless the antennae come down. That is the stark truth. Get up close to them, see how they are made.
I encourage you to explore the links at this site, especially if you have some background in science.


malcontent said…
If the technology is hindered without a cable box to facilitate, that might explain why Comcast just yanked MSNBC from their standard line-up. Cable box is now required to view this channel as opposed to CNN, FoxNews, Headline News, CSPAN, etc.

I initially thought it was a BS attempt to limit potential ratings for the somewhat anti-corporatist bent they sometimes demonstrate.

If there is a group of currently or soon-to-be agitated People that they want to surveil, it is the Countdown and Maddow audiences. These shows are the closest you can get to the truth in American news today.

Soma they ain't...
MarcLord said…
Rachel Maddow must be stopped!

There is much encouragement in the quick loss of narrative by McCain. Many conservatives, many right in the campaign itself, are going off-message.

To maintain the kind of stunning media choreography BushCo had, it first had to establish a philosophical and tactical consensus, then unleash crisis. They achieved that, and punished anyone who went off message with fates worse than death, fates administered by sadistic geniuses.

At minimum, McCain or Palin won't be able to enforce message control if they win. It would quite literally take a nuclear holocaust in a major US city for them to recapture the Talking Points Lockstep so characteristic of the Shadow Presidency, and even then it wouldn't last long.
A. Peasant said…
As the brilliant shrub once said, "Fool me once....shame on you...fool me'tgetfooledagin."

Or words to that effect.

It does seem that a few righties are behaving like hostages, gesticulating curiously to the folks at home.