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Living in a corrupt world

So much corruption...

X-Small: The "real" Sarah Palin sucks all the oxygen out of SNL studios.

Small: Prepared with snips, boy scout style, dedicated political sign stealer caught on videotape.

Medium: TSA agent Pythias Brown steals $200K of travelers' belongings, resells it on eBay, yet has the nerve to register at Crate and Barrel for his wedding.

Large: Reported in Europe but not the US that top financial executive salaries and bonuses are actually inversely related to performance.

X-Large: Your Life as a Human Test Subject


XXXXX-Large: JPMorgan Responsible for the destruction of US financial system

Life today is all about recognizing and grasping corruption, at ever greater levels, and opposing it whenever possible, while still functioning with integrity as a human being. If you can do that, you win.