The Release

As it appears (so far at least) that nothing really major, meaning no one big event like a terrorist attack, etc., triggered the language release discussed and predicted at Urban Survival. The day isn't done yet, but so far so good.

So what does it all mean? The release language has started, and the guys over there have a theory:
well, Igor informs me that we shifted over into release language sometime around 6:15 am UTC this morning. [go read the items]

...Our best guess as to scenario goes to a continuing, inexorable, grinding down of the global economy as a result of the dying of the usofa dollar. We expect that each day brings more release language, and more behavior alteration which begats even more release langauge as it all piles on...day after day after day for months. With a few exciting release gasps thrown in just as seasoning on the mix.
Yes. I think to be even more specific, what started happening today is that many people are being released from their mind-prisons. They are waking up. Suddenly their eyes begin to focus. Suddenly they begin to comprehend that we really are getting screwed, and that it actually does matter! Who knew?! All those people bitching and pissing and moaning...they were right!

Well Good Morning, People! Come have a cup of coffee. There's lots of work to do.

So...what shall happen next? I do not know, of course, but I predict that -- scary as all the frightening possibilities are with the police state, etc. -- that the suddenly awakened people will not walk like zombies into traps. In fact, I think people will create a relatively peaceful chaos as they attempt all sorts of things, independently and in small groups, to cope with the financial destruction. It shall be for the mighty powers lording it all over us like herding cats, as some people go this way, and others go that way.

You see, we are on our own. This is what has become and will increasingly become very obvious, even to those disinclined to believe such things. Bush doesn't care about us. The bankers don't care about us. Congress doesn't care about us. The presidential candidates don't care about us. Nobody with power cares about We the People, and nobody in power has any credibility whatsoever to tell us what to do. All they have is force, and should they be foolish and cruel enough to take that route, even that will fail.

Since nobody is leading, you are hereby released from following. Go in peace and find a way forward.

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