Senators Beaver and Wally Cleaver

Via George Washington's blog...a few of the honorable senators have decided to send a polite letter to Treasury politely suggesting that, well...gee whiz, they really should ensure that the banks restore lending activity, seeing as we gave them $700B and all. I mean, that doesn't seem exactly fair or anything, that we let the banks hoard the money like they're doin.

And I would just like to point out that something like 200 or so of our elected senators and representatives are trained lawyers. So when you see what a fine job they do representing the American people in contract negotiations, with language like this, just keep that in mind. I mean, I think they 'should' 'try', 'to some degree', 'if at all possible', to grow a pair. Because they might really 'regret' losing their cushy jobs, on account of them being such lousy elected representatives and lawyers and stuff, and have to go back to live in their districts with a bunch of pissed-off poverty-stricken former constituents. I mean, gee whiz, that would suck.

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