Something could be up with Dick

Dick Cheney has been absent lately, which may or may not mean anything. I have seen unconfirmed reports on deep conspiracy sites that he has been at death's door for several weeks now, but who knows?

Though, of course, if that were true, and if he was near death or actually dead, unbeknownst to the American people, at some point we would probably see stories like this preparing us for his 'sudden' demise.
"Vice President Dick Cheney, who was scheduled to make a fundraising appearance today in Homer Glen, has canceled, according to Andy Seré, spokesman for 11th Congressional district GOP candidate Marty Ozinga," the Chicago Tribune reported early Wednesday morning. ...According to the Tribune, Cheney was slated to attend a private, closed to the media fundraiser at Ozinga's house in Homer Glen in Illinois.
So what's next? Routine trip to George Washington University Hospital ends in tragedy as Dick Cheney's heart collapses into a gravity sucking black hole, pulling the entire hospital complex and thousands of unsuspecting citizens into a parallel universe?

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