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Waiting to Exhale

What is really going on? I mean really. Under all the covers. Damned if I know. But perhaps we will find out this week.

The bailout or rescue or whatever the hell they want us to call it did not work, can not work, will not work. Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, et. al. used their last Get Out of Jail Free card to sell us this monstrosity. Any people thinking that this bailout fixed our problems will have a furrowed brow as the economy tanks. And since anyone who believed the bailout would work in the first place did not avail themselves of the alternative news universe, that simply means that the big lie will get mainstream exposure. Ruh roh, Shaggy.

The markets have done nothing but go down ever since we got "rescued." (Click to enlarge, original here.) Now whether or not this has been pre-arranged, and if so by who, and for what purposes exactly, that's where it all becomes very interesting. I have seen many theories and accusations, and I'm not sure which one to believe yet.

For instance, are the countries of the world united in desiring our comeuppance, as Mike Whitney suggests?
The US is about to join the family of nations and learn how to get along with its neighbors whether it wants to or not. There's simply no other choice; the dollar is falling, the deficits are soaring, and the financial markets are in a shambles. America will either learn to cooperate or become isolated in a world that is rapidly integrating. It's "get along or get out"; a message that Washington needs to learn quickly so it can adapt to a new power-paradigm.

Yes; plenty of money will still go into covert operations and CIA-sponsored dirty tricks just to keep alive the hope the Superpowerdom will be restored. That is to be expected. The well-heeled rogues in the British royal family still dream of rebuilding the Empire, too. But realists know that it's just a harmless fantasy. Nothing will come of it. Empire's have a short shelf-life and they're impossible to stitch-back together. They usually end on a corpse strewn battlefield or in a towering financial bonfire which leaves nothing behind but a pile of ashes and shards of broken glass. We can only hope that the yawning economic chasm ahead of us all, will involve less hardship than we anticipate. But when a nation sows dragon's teeth, it shouldn't expect a harvest of sweet plums.
No mention of Israel anywhere though...I mean, it would be really rude to point out Israel's profound influence over American foreign and domestic policy at a time like this (when it has all failed miserably), besides their power and ownership within the totally corrupt banking system (please don't mention their connection to that abysmal failure), and certainly, Israel has not been too much in the news lately, you know, as they've been at other times...with everything turning to shit and all over here. The focus seems to be strictly on the US. Is that appropriate? I don't know. It's just something I happen to notice.

But don't you worry. If Obama wins, he promises to increase US aid to Israel!
Obama would honor existing agreements concerning aid to Israel and would work toward "increasing aid to Israel to USD 30 billion over 10 years," a spokeswoman for Obama told Israeli business daily Globes.

In the vice presidential debate last week, Obama's running mate Senator Joe Biden said their administration would have to hold back on plans to double foreign aid in general, in light of the financial crisis in the US.

Most of US aid to Israel is in form of military aid and Israelis have received more US military assistance than any other nation. Since 1987, the US has provided an annual average of USD 1.8 billion in military assistance to Israel.
Right. Don't know where the hell we're gonna find that money to give to poor Israel, but if all else fails hopefully we can borrow it from the Chinese, like the $700 billion we borrowed to bail out the greedy speculators on Wall Street, and your great great grandchildren can pay that back by digging ditches with teaspoons or something.

But nevermind all that. The thing right now is to think positive thoughts. And I say that because in all seriousness, this entire situation has become so laughably out of control, and utterly unsustainable, that it cannot go on much longer. We must sink or swim, and we must do it now.