Well, I guess we're all set then?


They got their way. They got their billions and billions, and we were told this had to happen or else!

So now the threat has been lifted, right? Isn't that the deal?

Because surely we are all paying close attention from here on in. We just paid dearly for things to be put back in working order. And if things do not go directly to working order, then I'm pretty sure we're all going to notice. And that will be very problematic for the people who just promised to fix all the problems if only we paid them enough money.

Don't think of this as a liability on our balance sheet. Think of it as a liability on their balance sheet. It will be rather obvious when they screw us next week.

I'm suggesting that might be a good thing, as all pretenses will soon be finally and irrevocably discarded. The truth is going to come out for all to see, and the tables are going to turn. We have something very powerful on our side, and it's not money.

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