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The Crucible: Summer 2009

If you read over at Urban Survival, you know that George Ure has spoken of the Summer of Hell coming next year. Something about money being a lot less important to people in 2009, blah blah blah.

Here's a prediction site targeted toward Europeans, the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin, and lo and behold, they also predict terrible things be happening by next summer. Maybe we should take this seriously, hmm?
The G20-meeting held in Washington on November 14/15, 2008, is in its essence a historical indicator that the Western - above all Anglo-Saxon - monopoly on global economic and financial governance, is coming to an end. Nevertheless, according to LEAP/E2020, this meeting also clearly demonstrated that this kind of summits is doomed to inefficiency because they concentrate on curing the symptoms (banks’ and hedge funds’ financial difficulties, derivative markets’ explosion, financial and currency markets’ dramatic volatility, ...) rather than the fundamental root of the current crisis, i.e. the collapse of the Bretton Woods system based on the US Dollar as sole pillar of the global monetary system. Without a complete overhaul of the system inherited from 1944 by summer 2009, the failing of the current system and that of the United States at the center, will lead the whole planet to an unprecedented economic, social, political and strategic instability, and more specifically to a breakdown of the global monetary system by summer 2009. In light of the technocratic jargon and calendar of the declaration released after this first G20-meeting (totally disconnected from the speed and scope of the unfolding crisis (1)), it is more than likely that the disaster will have to happen for the fundamental problems to be seriously addressed and for the beginning of a reply to be initiated.
But wait there's more!
The agitation that has seized global leaders since the end of September 2008 indicates that panic has struck at the highest level. Worldwide political leaders have now understood that the house is on fire. But they have not yet perceived something obvious: that the very structure of the building is involved. Improving fire-regulations or reorganizing emergency services will not be sufficient. To use a strong symbolic image, the World Trade Center’s twin towers did not collapse because firemen were late or because water was missing in the automatic fire-system, they collapsed because their structure was not meant to support the shock of two airliners hitting them in just a few minutes.
Wrong. The towers collapsed because they were previously rigged with explosives. The airliners hitting the buildings provided a pretext to 'pull' the towers, allowing Larry Silverstein to collect on his insurance policy, allowing the enormous Patriot Act to be pulled out of the bottom storage drawer and shoved through Congress, allowing the demonization of Muslims, allowing the endless War on Terror, allowing the destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq and the murder of over one million innocent civilians and over 4,000 US servicepeople, allowing war profiteers to rake in money hand over fist, etc. etc. etc.
Today’s global monetary system is in a similar situation: the twin-towers are the Bretton Woods system, and the airliners are called « subprime crisis », « banking failures », « economic recession », « Very Great US Depression », « US deficits », … a whole squadron.
Well, if that's true, then perhaps we can conclude that the Bretton Woods system is being 'pulled' on purpose, and the squadron of problems crashing and burning into the Bretton Woods systems actually provide a convenient pretext for imploding the system and consolidating wealth into a few hands.
In his testimony before Congress, the then CEO of Bear Stearns, Alan Schwartz, said that the run on Bear's stock had been "induced." He went on to say that his company, while saddled with a substantial amount of bad paper in the form of these worthless MBS (mortgage backed securities), was not in such bad shape that it could not have recovered had not there been a "whisper" campaign insisting that Bear's collapse was inevitable. It was this which doomed Bear Stearns, Schwartz told Congress, otherwise they would have recovered in a year or two without the need of governmental intervention.

Instead what happened was that J. P. Morgan Chase (the Rothschild banking empire, prominent members of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and other national banks), after the sell-off, came forward to "rescue" Bear by successfully offering pennies on the dollar of the pre-fall value of the company. JPMC also got the government to indemnify against potential losses from Bear's bad paper to the tune of thirty billion dollars. This sum to be borrowed from the Fed.

Crisis? Not for the Rothschilds. As Fed members they and other cartel members had their chairman and servant, Alan Greenspan, not only sanction these new mortgage-based derivatives but advocate for them as well. These MBS led to a general decline in the housing and credit markets which, in turn, accompanied by whispers, led to an investor confidence crisis and a large reduction in the share prices of investment banks. Then JPMC, like the cavalry of olde, rode in to offer help by buying Bear for next to nothing and infusing it with much needed capital. How magnanimous!
Back to GEAB...
Today’s leaders, who all belong to the collapsing world (including Barak Obama (3)), cannot possibly imagine how to solve the problem, just like central bankers in 2006/2007 could not possibly imagine the scope the unfolding crisis could reach (4). It is their world which is disappearing under their eyes, their beliefs and their illusions (sometimes similar) (5). According to our team, a 20 percent renewal of worldwide leaders is required to begin to see sustainable solutions (6) appear. This is indeed, according to LEAP/E2020, the « critical mass » needed to permit any fundamental change of perspective in a complex not very hierarchical human group. Today we are still far from reaching this critical mass: in order to contribute to finding solutions to the crisis, those new leaders must accede power in full awareness of the crisis’ specific nature.

According to LEAP/E2020, if global leaders fail to realize that in the next three months and to take actions in the next six months, as explained in GEAB N°28, the US debt will « implode » by summer 2009 under the shape of the country’s defaulting or the Dollar’s dramatic devaluation. This implosion will follow closely a number of similar episodes affecting less central countries (see GEAB N°28), including the United Kingdom whose already huge debt is ballooning at the same pace as Washington’s (7). In the same way as the US Federal Reserve saw, month after month, its « Primary Dealers » (8) being swept away by the crisis before it was itself confronted to a real problem of capitalization and therefore survival, the United States in the coming year will witness the implosion of all countries too-closely integrated to their economy and finance, and of their allies financially too-dependent on them (9).
Alternatively, one might conclude that today's leaders understand precisely what is happening, and allow it to happen anyway. Hmm? Let us give them a little more credit in the intelligence department and much less credit in the ethics department. I am willing to believe that some of them may be Deeply Troubled by this state of affairs, but unfortunately for them, they are apparently powerless to stop the train; and furthermore, most if not all of them have been bribed or otherwise compromised. For instance, here Christopher Story describes how collective treaties come about:
Successive European collective treaties are routinely procured by means of gross bribery. In that report, we exposed the fact that slush fund payments worth $100 million equivalent for each of the 25 EU 'Member States' had been 'bunged' to prime 'facilitators' of the (subsequently unratified) EU 'Constitution' Treaty. The normal procedure is for 50% of the available slush money to be paid to the national 'facilitators' on completion of the Intergovernmental Conference at which these odious anti-nation state EU collective treaties are 'negotiated', and for the second 50% (in that instance, worth a further $2.5 billion in total) to be paid to the corrupt 'facilitators' on ratification.
Bribes. Half paid on negotiation, the other half paid on ratification. It's so simple a monkey can do it. All you need is a bunch of ethically challenged people in power, and as we all know, nobody in any position of power has achieved his or her status ethically intact. In fact, the very essence of success in the world today depends on functioning in a ponerologically sick environment. You must be compromised or you will not move up. It is simply too dangerous for the people at the top to have ethically uncompromised people around. Somebody could get caught! Perish the thought.

So let's cut right through the BS now. The people who own the money are taking the system down on purpose. They have enough money to pay off all of our leaders, who will therefore do nothing about it. Anybody who opens his or her mouth will be taken down or out.

Maybe by next summer we will find people cooperating to survive. Maybe by next summer we will redefine success. Maybe by next summer we will begin to honor people who value people, not money. Maybe something good will come out of all this suffering.


MarcLord said…
Compelling thoughts, and great post. (And I guess, given your pic at right, it's time to start calling you Ms. Peasant?)

Surely there are people at or near the top who compete with each other and have a very long family view.

That said, there's also a weird and possibly completely new feedback loop that dumbs the people around them down just like it does us: they watch CNN, too.

For example, I'm reasonably certain Ben Bernanke (amazingly) believes the numbers on his own dashboard, numbers which have become increasingly faked over the past 25 years. And I'm utterly certain that in general we are as smart as them, they are as dumb as us, because I've met them directly in business.

The big difference is, they have power (but usually believe they don't.)
A. Peasant said…
Well thanks, and congratulations again on the awesome bebe. Nice work, Lord family.

I'm rereading Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology to refresh my memory on how this works. The main problem is that the entire society becomes sick, and normal people get pushed more or less underground. The entire society starts to revolve around illusions until it finally implodes. We're very near that point now.

The people in power do not possess more intelligence than 'everyone else', but they do have power and the willingness to behave without conscience. That is their only advantage, as they well know. They actually live in fear of being exposed. Ben Bernanke fakes it until he makes it, but he's never going to make it because the system will crash first. However, the really big guys will remain untouchable. It's all pecking order with these people -- they live and die by the sword. Cut-throats.
MarcLord said…
Thank you on Lord Baby, we feel pretty blessed, lucky, and sleepless. Mother's milk just came in today.

I have worked for the revolvers of illusions sometimes, have made half a billion dollars and more for a few of them. Given how things are, nearing that point, I may have to work for them again. Gotta feed the mouths.

You have given me some heavy homework, but then I guessed how hard you're capable of hitting the first time I came here. Will look up Lobaczewski.
A. Peasant said…
It's awful how the system works. I more of less checked out of it at baby #2, but husband cannot for the same reason as you. We also like to eat and keep the roof over our heads. I just try to tackle the corruption from a different vantage point, using what I learned in the corporate world and by getting an MBA --seeing the sausage being made. Because, basically, when people really understand what's going on, they become able to practice better mental hygiene (as Lobaczewski puts it). And that's how it stops.

You can find some of the information on ponerology here: The book is not light reading.

But listen, you are supposed to be thinking of other things right now, brother. These problems aren't going anywhere soon.