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A Society Set to Self-Destruct

The other day it seemed strange to me that Chabad Lubavitch would have an Indian headquarters. Shows you what I know. Come to find out, young Israelis flock to India by the tens of thousands every year. They go there with their IDF money to get stoned and come to terms with the horrible choice they've been given: be an Israeli, or be a human being. The Chabad Lubavitch acts as kind of chaperone, collecting and dealing with wasted Israelis who have 'flipped out' on drugs.

We used to call kids like this wastes back in the day. They wasted their time, they wasted their minds, they wasted their lives. Israel produces these young people by the thousands.

Here's the first in a series. You can watch the rest here.

Israel can not survive if they insist on eating their young.


hi, marc here of ccnwon

i've encountered idf on holiday and in the opt and israel. their stoned stories i could tell

A. Peasant said…
Hi, Marc. It's really very sad to see a generation of people so tormented by their experiences that they have to decompress to that extent. It says a lot about Israeli culture, none of it good.

Also, wow... thanks for stopping by.
MarcLord said…
Just a drive-by comment, haven't watched the vid yet. As (the other) Marc notes, I've run into former and dodging IDF, and they're the most pleasant Israelis I've met.

At least they're trying to deal with it.
A. Peasant said…
By all rights, this drug culture should be a national emergency in Israel, but it doesn't seem like anyone takes it all that seriously. They just scoop them up and get them home. The vid is really worth watching -- about an hour total -- a scathing commentary on how dehumanizing IDF service is to Israelis.