What happens when they get caught?

The people in power have committed many crimes, and we don't know about most of them yet. As these crimes get exposed, it will cause many problems. You could say we will have a new Problem/Reaction/Solution situation on our hands here pretty soon.

Have you ever confronted a narcissist or psychopath? I have. It gets very messy very quickly. When confronted, they first deny (wide-eyed and aghast), and then immediately go into overdrive trying to backstop as many lies as they possibly can to prevent their whole construct from unraveling. Considering that they reproduce lies like horny little bunnies, they panic at the thought of tracking them all down in time. Much throwing under the bus ensues, along with tears, rending of garments, gnashing of teeth -- basically a full-blown, breathless hysterical production in which the liar-protagonist tells an elaborate tale of being betrayed by "everyone else", and then proceeds to run around the block as quickly as possible to reach "everyone else" and tell the tale again, always adjusting the "facts" to ensure that they alone remain in the center of holy righteousness at all times.

I have just described for you what we will be subjected to on a very large scale, starting tomorrow, and lasting through probably most of next year.

Just remember: We have lots of problems, but those who created these problems have even bigger problems, which mainly revolve around avoiding responsibility (like prison, for instance). We must react to our problems with great care. But the appropriate reaction to their problems is steely, unflinching, impassive, unmovable resolve. As for solutions to their problems, from our perspective, I'm thinking trials for treason, war crimes...you know, stuff like that.

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