The Christmas Spirit

As you probably know, an important editorial came out this week.
So there you have it - one of the world’s top newspapers, editorially led by chief economics commentator Martin Wolf, a top Bilderberg luminary, openly proclaiming that not only is world government the agenda, but that world government will only be achieved through dictatorial measures because the majority of the people are dead against it.

Will we still be called paranoid conspiracy theorists for warning that a system of dictatorial world government is being set up, even as one of the world’s most influential newspapers admits to the fact? Or will people finally wake up and accept that there is a globalist agenda to destroy sovereignty, any form of real democracy, and freedom itself in the pursuit of an all-powerful, self-interested, centralized, unrepresentative and dictatorial world government?
Oh, pshaw, they will say. Don't you want peace on earth, good will toward men? C'mon.

Again, let us be clear. I very much desire all good things for our planet. I love peace, but I also love justice. I used to be young once, and naive. I remember sitting in a college classroom as we discussed the military industrial complex, and Eisenhower's warnings on leaving office, and thinking that of course we should have corporations in full cooperation with the government. Precisely because I am a person of good will, and because I was young, I did not yet imagine what could go wrong. Well, that was a long time ago. But sadly today, many full grown Americans yet fail to imagine what could go wrong, and this despite the fact that it all already has! In spades. One thousand percent. If only they would notice.

Clinical psychopaths are the problem. Secret societies are the problem. People who lie with extreme facility are the problem. The halls of power around the world are full to bursting with these very people! They will lie and lie and lie until they get what they want. And they have nearly achieved their darkest goals: the institution of a world government from which to terrorize, oppress and rape the planet and all beings on it for their own gain.

Let me assure you. If we randomly went around the world and pulled one thousand working people off the streets, representing every country, and locked them in a room until they came up with a world government system, you would most assuredly get something workable. But the powers that be would never, ever, in a thousand years NO! submit to such a thing. Their horror at the very idea would be endless. The whole point, and the only reason they want this New World Order, is to ensure their supremacy over the whole of humanity. They want to bake it in. They alone want to design this new world order. They alone want to run it. They alone want to control it. And that is the only way they will agree it -- if we do it their way. Because a true new world order, springing as it were from the working people of the world, would be just. And justice is pure anathema to the ruling class.

What are their goals? Here's a list compiled indirectly from the work of the late Anthony C. Sutton.

1. Modify education to adjust people's beliefs and expectations from an early age.
2. Control the money supply.
3. Use the law to enforce to advance the state agenda.
4. Manipulate both sides of politics.
5. Control the economy to allow for the concentration of wealth.
6. Rewrite history to favor the elite.
7. Control people's thoughts through psychology.
8. Turn philanthropy into a vulgar display of wealth.
9. Control medicine.
10. Corrupt religion and encourage the occult.
11. Control the media.*
12. Appoint only the elite to positions of power.

I suggest to you that they have basically completed this checklist, with the small exception of the internet. Troublesome, that one. It might require some rough handling to get the internet under control, hmm? All those pesky people poking around in corners where they have no business, uncovering things kept secret for decades and tossing all this blood- and shit-stained dirty laundry all over the place? Do you think that goes up their asses? I guess so. It makes the time tables slip and forces them to cut corners and rush things through before all the Ts are crossed.

What percentage of Americans really understand the danger? Five percent? While many more understand we have Serious Problems, only a small percentage actually possess a mental framework of how those problems relate back to the New World Order agenda. When these busy people hear talk of peace, solving problems, working together, etc., they will want to 'go for it' because they are overwhelmingly normal people of good will who yet fail to imagine that this could be a giant trap.

But of course it is a trap. Setting traps is all these people know how to do. It is their core competency.

Do you want a New World Order? Fine. Let's start here off the top of my head. No Illuminati. No Secret Societies. No dual nationals in government. No Skull and Bones. No Opus Dei. No Chabad Lubavitch. No CIA. No Mossad. No KGB. No ISI. No Al Qaeda. No Federal Reserve. No fiat money. No Goldman Sachs. No Morgan Stanley. No JP Morgan. No Deutche Bank. No Citibank. No big banks of any kind. No Title 18, Section 6 corporations. Undo every single executive order made by GW Bush. No illegal drugs. No nukes. No chemtrails. Immediate trials and prison for all the presently known criminals like Bush 41, Bush 43, Clinton, Blair, Cheney, Paulson, Olmert, Rumsfeld, et cetera ad nauseum. Open every fucking file cabinet on every fucking computer in OUR fucking government so we can find the rest and put them on trial and in prison. Pay restitution for your crimes against humanity. Where's all the money you people stole? Fork it over. It belongs to us now.

What? You don't like that deal? Well I guess we have no deal then. You must not be serious about peace on earth good will toward men.


Greg Bacon said...

... because the majority of the people are dead against it...

And those that are against what THEY determine is good for us cattle will eventually be shipped off to re-education centers, manned by thugs and mercs from the likes of Backwater and Triple Kanopy... (mis-spelled, I know, but on purpose. Don't need some Ericc PRINCEly type filing motions in civil court against bearers of the truth like 12th Bough)

Where they will beat some sense into your head or else.

You'll either be dead set against this New World Order and change your views or just be dead... period.

A. Peasant said...

That's the problem. Either shut up and die or open your mouth and die. A problem only solved by millions and millions of Americans waking up immediately.

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