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The Fallout

Yes. The Fallout. This Madoff situation is a tragedy, see?, like a nuclear bomb went off. And don't you forget it. People are being hurt. (No not you.)

If you enjoy a little schadenfreude, well, that's ok. The people in charge would actually really like to take the temperature on that anyway, you know, see where the people are at. Have they got you to a boiling point yet? Not quite? Hey, they're fiddling with the knobs now.

This Madoff scandal represents such a magnificent opportunity for psyops. The intelligence people must be rubbing their hands together as they "craft" their "narrative." Got to be careful, though.

Head on over and watch the latest sitcom masterpiece from MSNBC at Huffington Post.

Here's the canned audience reaction (that would be YOU):
The Poor Jewish Victims. (again)
The Money Is ALL GONE. (don't ask where it went wink wink wink.)
Now They Can't Help the Gifted Children. And There Are So Many. (sniff and fill many tissues)
But Failure Is Not An Option. !! (clutch heart in wonder, bite lip like Bill Clinton)
Aren't They Just...The Scrappiest? (be really impressed now)
It's a Good Thing That US Taxpayers Will Bail Out These Jewish Charities in Israel, Since Madoff Committed Fraud on His Own People! (shake head sadly)
It's Just So Unbelievable.
Yes. Yes it is. I was just thinking the very same thing.

Now if it's true that Madoff sent the money to Israel and these charities know it, well that might elicit a different kind of fallout.


Pete said…
It's called chutzpuh, or something like that. Like the smirk on that jewish kid's face -- because he knows nobody is going to smack it off (at least while I'm not around). Jews get away with this in Amerika. I saw a photo of Madoff in the news, he had a smirk too. I don't know who took the photo, but there was nobody in the backdrop following him, making sure he doesn't bolt. My prediction is that an old man's body will soon fall from a bridge, and they'll read a suicide note from (you can guess) a tortured, misunderstood, good-hearted man who is only guilty of trying to do too much, bla bla bla... All this while Madoff lands in Israel with disguise and fake passport. Right out of the book.
A. Peasant said…
Well, the one thing I've learned the past few years is that it's virtually impossible to be too cynical. I mean, when was the last time corruption was 'not as bad' as people first thought? I don't know either. It always turns out to be much worse.
Anonymous said…
Pete said…
Yes, the tentacles of corruption reach far and deep. Like when the BBC reported WTC7's collapse before it actually happened, and it was ignored in the media like it never happened. It's been all smirks since then.
MarcLord said…
A big part of me says Madoff needs to die. And of course his accounts need to be seized, which no story I've seen has mentioned.

The way Putin got control of the oligarchs and Russia, at least for a while, was by throwing them and their henchmen in jail, and if they fled the country and took money, they got killed. Russia lived.

That's not going to happen to Madoff, not yet, but there's really nothing less that would expunge his crimes. Jail for him doesn't scratch the surface. And yes, I am advocating violence on the part of the state, as a matter of its survival. A state is first and foremost a currency.

Until this shit is dealt with commensurate harshness, the moral imperative of the United States is lost.
A. Peasant said…
Yes. I agree completely. And it is just the beginning of justice -- dealing with this one crook.

The social contract is completely broken. I heard a story on NPR today about vaccines, whining on and on about the people who don't vaccinate their children and what to do about that. Ha. Good luck. The social contract between the people and their government is totally broken, and the people weren't the ones to break it. Until the day comes that Americans can again trust the government, nothing will get better. And people are not going to trust the government until some very unpleasant thing happen to people in power. Lots of unpleasant things must now happen to lots of people in power. They forestall this as long as possible, naturally, but everything just gets worse in the meanwhile, a point not lost on those paying attention. The cover-ups will soon require shutting the intertubes down, and that just confirms their guilt.

We've reached the hundredth monkey. So it's a checkmate on the moral board -- the one that counts -- which is played on a higher level, and thus the lag in 'reality' down here where the pawns, rooks, bishops, kings and queens get moved around. But it's just a matter of time now before reality manifests in the world. And that will be a happy day for the righteous.