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Just like finding a $20 in your pocket

Totally unexpected...surprising him no end...practically inconceivable that it should turn out this way...blah blah blah
Kissinger also related that he has been struck by how much the move toward a new global order has been enhanced by the recent crises.

“The jihadist crisis is bringing it home to everybody, that international affairs cannot be conducted entirely by drawing borders and defining international politics by who crosses what borders with organized military force.” he said.

“This has now been reinforced by the financial crisis, which totally unexpectedly has spread around the world. It limits the resources that each country has for a foreign policy geared to an assertion of its own pure interests.”

Here he's been, advocating for a New World Order for decades now, and lookie here! This here financial crisis has spread around the whole world, in a "totally unexpected" manner, and that will help usher in the New World Order that Herr Kissinger has been working toward for decades! Go Figure!! What are the chances?!?

You know, these unfortunate crises like terrorism and global economic catastrophe? These are actually opportunities to fulfill the life's work of people like Henry Kissinger. And what is his life's work but instituting a New World Order? He says so himself.

Interviewer Charlie Rose, who has previously listened to Kissinger’s calls for a new world order, recognized the direction the conversation was taking and urged Kissinger to elaborate:

“When you talk about a new structure, I’m not sure, you’ve used the term new world order, what is it? Is it simply a world order that is defined by new interest and new mutuality of interest?” Rose asked.

“That’s certainly how you have to start. I know the view that you start by converting the whole world to our political philosophy. I don’t think that can be done in one or two terms of an administration. That is an historic process that has its own rhythm.” Kissinger replied.

"Our" meaning the people who have been running the world into the ground for the past half a century and who have by now transferred unimaginable sums of money into their own pockets.

And you are to believe that the current catastrophes keeping you awake at night are simply unfortunate but golden opportunities to convert the whole world to the international elites' political philosophy. It just all happens by chance actually. Weird, huh?

blink blink blink


Pete said…
It does seem like they think they are closing in on their end game, and aside from China, Russia, half of Latin America and some "rogue nations", I guess they are. Whereas in the the past, there was always the option to issue the "not welcome here anymore" notice, and have them slither off somewhere else. Yeah, it wasn't great, but it worked. Unfortunately, that cannot work anymore. Now, instead of handing them their hat, the only thing left is for us to grab ours, say fairwell, and venture off to find a place or lifestyle free of these parasites and their dark future. It's hard work, takes courage and sacrifice, but it's a good feeling. This is the only way. I see it as a renaissance. There's light out there.
A. Peasant said…
Yes, apparently it's now or never, Henry's patience notwithstanding.

I really like your attitude, Pete. I hope more people will come around to have some courage and refuse to succumb to fear, which of course plays right into their hands.
Pete said…
The media keeps warning us that the cri$i$ isn't over. You have to laugh. They didn't warn us leading up to it, but we're supposed to trust them now. They must not want competition driving up the markets until they get in their majority-ownership positions with all that money they just stole.