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Keeping it simple

Let's recap.

Victims: Indians (hundreds, whatevs), Jews (I think two (?), but obviously "high value")

Evil-Doers: Radical Islamic Pakistanis, aka "Muslims"

Now that's a simple enough equation. All we have to do now is roll some heads in India, heighten tensions between India and Pakistan, turn every major American city upside down to protect Jewish centers, beef up domestic security against other possible terrorist attacks, maybe move the American Embassy to Jerusalem as a consolation prize for Israel losing a couple of people, and let's see...I dunno. We'll think of something. Oh, and the sooner the better.

I'm sure you can see that all of these things benefit Muslims, and that's why we know they are the Evil-Doer Perpetrators of this terrorist attack.


20,000 troops on domestic duty should alert us the authorities are planning to manufacture a domestic emergency.

A. Peasant said…
Mmm hmm. I saw rumors of FL and DC being targets, but who knows.
MarcLord said…
"Obama will be tested in the first months of his presidency..."

Mmm hmm.